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Minecraft UNICODE Font Texture Genterator Online
Minecraft UNICODE Font Texture Genterator Online
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Minecraft has gained much popularity over the recent years, as more and more gamers join this game. As the popularity grows, gamers are now in search of tools that represent their love for this amazing game. One such tool is the Minecraft Unicode symbols, fonts, and character generator. This online tool will generate the font you want and give you the texture pack that you can then open on your device. If you’re here to know more about this Minecraft tool, let’s get started. 

What is the Minecraft Unicode Font Generator?

UniCode Minecraft

The GNU Unifont is another name for the Unicode bitmap font of Minecraft. “Providers” is the font priority system of Minecraft that searches for bitmap data for the desired character first in the non-Latin character set, and then in the character set of accented Latin, followed by Minecraft’s low-res font, and lastly in the high-resolution Unicode character set. The system can be overwritten by visiting the options settings, going to language, and then setting the option to “Force Unicode font”. 


Minecraft can store fonts in the form of images consisting of 16 columns and 16 rows of characters. Every character is 16 pixels tall and 16 pixels wide, which totals 256 characters for each image. Every image will represent a Unicode codepage, a total of 256 pages, covering characters U+000 to U+FFF. Most CJK and control characters are usually omitted.


Since the font isn’t monospace, the effective widths of the characters will be stored in separate files called glyph_sizes.bin. Every character’s information is stored in the form of a byte, with the lower and upper 4 bits representing the end and start columns, ranging between 0 to 15, 0 being the leftmost character’s column assigned a 16×16 space, and 15 being the rightmost column.

How To Use the Minecraft Unicode Font Generator?

If you want to use the Minecraft Unicode Font generator, follow these simple steps given below. 

  1. Open the Minecraft Unicode Font generator. 
  2. The first bar you see will show the font name. Here you need to add a font name by yourself. There is no permission given to the page to enlist the system fonts. You can choose a font type/format from the notepad.
  3. Then choose the size of your font. Write the font size in the second bar. 
  4. Next, you have to choose the size of the grid. The grid size you choose should be bigger than the font size. The width and height of the chart’s grid should be 16, 32, 64, or 128, etc.
    Note: A 16 grid size means it is a 256x texture pack since the font texture of Minecraft has a 16×16 character. So, if you type something like 1024, it will crash the browser, or maybe the webpage.
  5. Next, you need to set the Y-axis offset. This is used to fine-tune the position of the font in the Y-axis. 
  6. Now you can adjust the pack_format according to your version of Minecraft. If you are uncertain of what your pack format is, you may leave it at 1. 
  7. Make sure not to modify any other option until you are certain of what you want to do. 
  8. After making these adjustments, just press the “generate” button. Your texture pack will be generated.
  9. If you want to stop the process, you can click the stop button. 
  10. If everything goes right, you will get the zip file for your resource pack. Then shift this file to the Minecraft resource packs path. You may then open it in the menu. 

So, you can easily generate Minecraft Unicode font textures with this online Unicode Minecraft tool using the simple step-by-step process given above. 


If you want to make changes on minecraft games, Then you can use minecraft command generator.


Minecraft is a well-known game in recent time and its users are increasing day by day. Unicode Minecraft Font Generator is used to generate the font code file that can be used in Minecraft to change the default font. To change the Minecraft game font, we have to change the setting of Minecraft game.