OP Auto Clicker 2.1

OP auto Clicker 2.1

OP auto clicker is used to automate clicking tasks during a game or repetitive tasks like data entry. It has all the necessary qualities of an auto clicker and is compatible with all windows, including Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, and 64 bit systems. There are three versions of the OP auto clicker. Today’s article is all about OP Auto clicker 2.1.

OP Auto clicker 2.1

This is a complete package with two modes of auto-clicking and hotkey customization. Moreover, you can set timing or select it for unlimited clicks. The 2.1 version of the OP Auto clicker has added many new features compared to the 1.1 version. 

Let’s talk about the features of OP Auto clicker 2.1.



This is one of the most demanded features in auto clickers. OP Auto clicker 2.1 has an improved version of a hotkey. In the 1.0 version, f6 is the default hotkey, but now you can change it and choose any key for automation. 

Clicking Modes


There are two modes of clicking; you can select according to work demand. Firstly, you can predefine the clicking positions, and secondly, clicking follows the cursor. 

Clicking Time

The timing of clicking tasks can be predefined; after time compilation, it stops automatically. But you can leave this for unlimited time. With super OP Auto clicker 2.1, you get maximum clicks for unlimited time. 


OP Auto clicker 2.1 has compatibility with window 7, window 8, window 9, and 64bit systems. This is what makes OP Auto clicker 2.1 the most demanded auto clicker.

No Installation

You can use it without installation. Just download, and it is ready to do your tasks.

Time Interval

You can define the time interval between two clicks and also the clicking speed. In a few games, high-speed clicking may result in a ban. Therefore, for those games, you can increase the time interval for a safe play.

Free and Open Source

Anyone can directly download it, and you don’t need to pay for any premium version. All features are free to use. Moreover, you can easily download it from different sources. 

Clean User Interface


The interface is simple and clean, and there is nothing complex in settings. These features make it user-friendly, and anyone can use it in one go. 


OP Auto clicker 2.1 keeps a record of your previous tasks. So when you automate a job, it saves in the software. Next, whenever you want to use it for the same purpose, you can directly automate a task from memory without inventing the wheel. This feature saves your time and makes its use easy.

No Add

Just imagine, you are in a mood of work and defining your task, and suddenly an ad pops up. Naturally, this can not be something pleasant. Therefore, OP Auto clicker 2.1 has no ad feature, so you can keep working without disturbance.

Low CPU Usage

When you are working with software, it uses your CPU and slows down your system. But in the cases of OP Auto clicker 2.1, it is the opposite. It has very low CPU usage, which is why it is the fastest auto clicker among all.  

How to Download OP Auto Clicker 2.1?

This is an effortless process, Just click on download below.

OP Auto Clicker 2.1


How To Use The OP Auto Clicker 2.1?

After downloading, it’s time to use the OP auto clicker to save time and energy. 

  • Open OP Auto clicker 2.1
  • Define your task by customizing the following thing
  • Time Interval
  • Hotkey
  • Clicking type
  • Time limit or you want it for unlimited time
  • Choose clicking spot
  • Click hotkey to run the job, and that’s it

How To Change the Hotkey in OP Auto Clicker 2.1?

Hot Key Setting in OP Auto Clicker

This is a new feature added in the 2.1 version that you can change the hotkey, and it also works in the background. By default, the hotkey is f6, and as you click, it automates the process. But now you can change it, so here is the process.

  • Open OP auto clicker 2.1
  • Go to settings and click on the hotkey setting button
  • Click on the start or stop button 
  • It’s time to choose hotkey; press any key you want as a hotkey
  • Hotkey is set now for future use. 
  • If you’re going to change it in the future, follow the same process.

Benefits of OP Auto clicker 2.1

Time Saver

Office work like data entry took a lot of time. What if someone does this job for you. OP auto clicker 2.1 does this job, and you have to define a task that took a few minutes. Now you can focus on other important tasks or spend some time with family. Moreover, you have to click a lot during games like counter strike, and an auto clicker does this for you. You don’t need to do continuous clicking. The best auto clicker OP saves your time, and you can use it for other tasks. 


If you are a professional gaming player, you have to play for hours without a break to get the highest score. OP Auto clicker 2.1 does this clicking job, and during that time, you can do other tasks peacefully, like eating food. 

If you are an employee and have a list of work, you can leave repetitive tasks on OP Auto clicker 2.1. It can do this for you and share your burden.

Energy Saver

In a game, your fingers start hurting because of extensive clicking, and keep clicking with that can be painful. OP Auto clicker 2.1 automates unlimited clicks and your finger rest during that time. Just define your job, and it will do this for you without any error. 


OP Auto clicker 2.1 has several customization options like time interval, clicking type, hotkey, and many other options. Because of customization, you can adjust everything according to job requirements. 


It is an auto-clicking tool that you can use to automate your repetitive tasks like fast clicking and data entry. 

It is the fastest auto clicker and can automate more than 50000 clicks per second. 

It has some changes in the about portion and addition of a hotkey customization option.

No, customization of time intervals helps to adjust speed according to a limit of any game. So if extensive clicking has any such chance, slow it down to avoid any issue. 

F6 is the default hotkey in OP Auto clicker 2.1, but now you can change it and set any key as a hotkey.