The internet has become today’s sensation with its incredible power to unite people from different parts of the world. While it is, on the one hand, an amazing information source, it also brings weird phenomena that just tend to be useless at times. Some of the most useless things become popular and trending, and all people contribute to the trend. One of the strangest yet surprising trend of today is the pop cat. The adorable picture of the cat, regardless of its low quality, surfaced on the internet, attracting much attention. Here, we’ll know more about the pop cat and the pop cat auto clicker.

Pop Cat: What is It and How do Countries Compete?

PopCat Game

To understand pop cat, let’s look at how the game originated. It started with the Oatmeal, a young cat’s photo that surfaced on the internet. This low-resolution image, being nothing as such, suddenly became popular. The story of the pop cat emerged because of the picture’s alternative version, created by someone who edited the picture, opening the cat’s mouth to a big O with some music at the back, making it a hilarious animation. This then turned into a game that people worldwide compete to make the highest world record.

Highest Pop Cat Scores

Here is the list of the 5 highest pop cat scores. The list of countries has the highest scores on the pop cat. 

Country Name


Hong Kong 

121,848,233,287 pops


114,499,195,675 pops


109,445,352,331 pops


108,206,908,947 pops

South Korea

27,961,740,660 pops

How Pop Cat Clicker Started and How to Play It?

If you think the craze of a pop cat is over, you are mistaken. Little were we aware that the pop start would reach new heights. People just thought the animation wasn’t enough and decided to bring in a little fun and interactivity. This was the idea behind launching the pop cat game. It isn’t just the cute feline face that is the game’s highlight; the cute sound at the back also gets much attention. Pop cat clicker is a basic, internet-based game that allows gamers to make multiple clicks to score high. 

To play the game, follow these steps 

  • You just need to visit the website. Here you see the image of a feline. 
  • When you click on the cat’s mouth, it is registered as a click and turns into a score. 
  • The game automatically tracks where the player is from (country) and adds the clicks to the total score for that country. This way people from country compete against each other to secure the top position in terms of most clicks in pop cat clicker game.

The game is fun because of its competitive aspect, turning it into an absolute, worldwide battle. Just keep clicking. At the scoreboard, you’ll see the worldwide leaderboard where all the countries are listed with score with ranking. Your country’s score is added every time you make a click. So, keep clicking to make your country come to the top.

Auto Clicker for Pop Cat

The viral pop cat clicker has rounded on the internet, and competition only gets stronger as more and more people join the game to push their country to the leaderboard tops. Today, however, playing the game isn’t much of a struggle with pop cat bot clicker js, auto clicker tools that can automate clicking.

Pop cat auto clicker pc stimulates the mouse to register multiple clicks simultaneously.

You might think does the pop cat auto clicker work? Can anyone use it?

The answer is yes; anyone can use this pop cat auto clicker to set a record.

Initially, the pop cat clicker was believed to be a manual spamming game where the gamers click with the mouse button to make their country come to the top. The cat’s mouth opens wide with calming sound effects by clicking. 

If you open the bottom bar, you’ll see different countries’ live scores and stats. Many countries today use the pop cat auto clicker Chromebook to score high in the game. The most popular of these tools are available on smartphones and also on GitHub. If you want a secure pop cat auto clicker download, choose a trusted source to avoid the risks of harm to your device. 

Currently, those at the top of the scoreboard have made their mark. Nevertheless, it wouldn’t be hard to make your way to the top if you use a pop cat auto clicker GitHub. Whether it is considered fair comes on everyone’s personal beliefs. If you want your country to reach the top and think auto clicker isn’t an issue, you have multiple options for pop cat auto clickers. Regardless of whether players use the best auto clicker for pop cat or not, the legacy of this feline, goofy cat will continue to live!

Games like Pop Cat Clicker

Pop cat is one of the most popularly played idle games today. While no game can beat pop cat, here are some games like pop cat clicker that you will enjoy playing.

1. Brawl Stars

This clicker game is a unique game where you must click and click. Discover the game and improve your game characters.

2. Idle Clicker

This is a simple, and easy incremental game similar to the classic idle miner game. Every click you make in the game earns you points. These points are then used to get upgrades.

3. Cookie Clicker

This game is another one like the pop cat clicker where you need to click the cookie to bake it. Keep clicking to make more cookies and then sell them. Read more about how to play cookie clicker.

The Verdict

What went from a simple picture to a goofy animation and onwards to a popular game, the pop cat clicker game is widely played around the world today where companies compete to make it to the top of the leaderboard. For some, this game seems pointless and unnecessary while others are all ready to put in the efforts to make their country win. If you want to play the game, we’ve covered everything you need to know about the pop cat script and the game. Try it out for yourself to see why it has become an internet sensation.