How to Play Cookie Clicker? | Cookie Clicker Strategy

Cookie Clicker

What is Cookie Clicker?

Cookie clicker game is a cookie clicker auto clicker like other CPS tests rely on a good click speed. It is an online game that was developed in 2013 that involves making a large number of cookies and competing with others in terms of the number of cookies made. It is an idle cookie clicker speed test that is one of the most popular games in this genre of idle gaming.


Steps to Play Cookie Clicker CPS

  1.  The player begins the game by first clicking on a large cookie that appears on the far left of the screen. With every click, the player wins one cookie so the player’s clicking speed and duration is an important consideration here. With cookies, the players can get new assets including ‘cursors’, ‘farms’, ‘mines’, and ‘factories’.
  2. With each purchase, the prices of the asset increase. Each purchase is 15% more expensive than the last product bought, i.e. the prices increase exponentially.
  3. Occasionally during the clicking, golden cookies appear. These are small cookies that appear at various random locations and vanish after a few seconds. Clicking on these gives bonus cookies, increases production rate temporarily, and has other such grand effects.
  4. Once the player has gotten a certain number of cookies they can ascend to higher and more prestige levels. Although progress is lost, the player proceeds with heavenly chips. Every prestige level adds a boost of +1% to the cookie production rate for future plays. The heavenly chips can be used to buy prestige upgrades.
  5. The number of cookies that are needed to unlock each next prestige level also increases exponentially (cube of each level). This means it is harder to attain every next prestige level.
  6. The cookie clicker test also includes “wrinklers” that are eldritch beasts that lower cookie production. The player can, however, pop these wrinklers to release all the cookies that it took in. It also involves a cookie dragon and mini-games. Sugar lumps are coalesces that take 24 hours to develop and these are used to level up buildings.
  7. Users can use cookies to hire Grandmas and further improve their cookie production.
  8. There are other tasks or goals that the user can achieve to earn more achievements.

The players at cookie click test begin with very few cookies but can very easily reach billions.

How to Cheat in Cookie Clicker?

If a lack of progress is frustrating you or if you simply like to explore game mechanics, you can use the cookie clicker cheats to add some fun. However, avoid these if you want to have fun.

Hacks for Cookie Clicker

Debug Cheats

These debug cheats are those built into the CPS cookie clicker itself. These are upgrades that can be enabled only with ‘cheats’. Some of these Debug upgrades include the following:
1. Gold Hold: this makes golden cookies appear after 0.6 seconds after the current golden cookie.
2. Perfect idling: this cheat keeps producing cookies, that you otherwise make by clicking continuously, while the game is turned off. It then tells you how many cookies it produced while the game was off.
3. Magic shenanigans: the cookies that you produce are multiplied by 1000.

Cookie Cheats

In the CPS test cookie game, these cookie cheats work on your cookie count and improve these. Some of these include:

  1. Use “Game.cookies = to change the number of cookies present in your bank
  2. Use “Game.cookies = Infinity”, to obtain infinity cookies.
  3. Use “var autoClicker = setInterval(Game.ClickCookie, ) to start auto-clicking the big cookie.

How to Hack Cookie Clicker?

To use any of the hacks, the first thing you should do is save the game. To do that, first, open the “Option” button to open the “option menu’. Then click on “Export Save”. If you want to reload the save, click on “Import save”. With the following simple steps, you will have the cookie clicker hacked!

Hack Cookie Clicker Online

Step 1: open the cookie clicker interface in your browser.
Step 2: go to your browser’s source inspector. The process varies between browsers and the process for popular browsers is explained below.

  1. Chrome: press ‘ctrl’ with ‘shift’ and ‘J’ simultaneously for Windows.
  2. Firefox: click on ‘ctrl’, ‘shift’ and ‘K’ together for Windows
  3. Edge: Press ‘F2’ or right-click on any blank space on your page. Then visit “Inspect Element”.

Step 3: Click on the ‘console’ tab that will appear at the top of the window.

Step 4:  Enter the code “Game.Earn(number)” into the console. Write the number of cookies in place of (number).

Step 5: Click “Enter” to run the command.

Step 6: Now use the cookies you get to buy any upgrades or items you want.

This cookie clicker strategy is perfect for getting an unlimited number of cookies and getting all the advantages that come with these.


Cookie clicker is a very engaging and addictive idle game that numerous users are engrossed in today. There are many cookie clicker updates that you can access as well.

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Q1. What is CPS in Cookie Clicker?

In cookie clicker, CPS is an abbreviation for “Clicks per Second” and represents how many cookies are earned by the user in one second.

Q2. When to ascend in cookie clicker?

To get a good number of heavenly upgrades, it is best to ascend in your first run with at least 440 pending heavenly chips.

Q3. How to get infinite cookies in cookie clickers?

Use the cheat “Game.cookies = Infinity” to get infinity cookies in your game and enjoy numerous benefits.  

Q4. Is there an end to Cookie Clicker?

No, the cookie clicker never comes to an end! There are hundreds of achievements and numerous goals to achieve upgrades.

Q5. Can Cookie Clicker detect auto clicker?

Yes, the game can detect auto clickers on your device by measuring your click speed in the game.

Q6. How do you get more upgrades in the cookie clicker?

To get upgrades, you should visit the “store” to get a list of upgrades. Every cookie-producing building typically has 6 upgrades. To get more upgrades, try to achieve more cookies. You can use the aforementioned cheats for doing so as well.

Q7. Is there a way to beat Cookie Clicker?

No, not really. Actually, there is not even an end to the cookie-clicker game. But, unlocking the upgrades or the achievements can be considered as beating the cookie clicker.

Q8. What is the fastest way to click on Cookie Clicker?

In order to click fast on the cookie clicker is to press the: Shift+Alt+Num lock. The enable the Numpad keys to be used as click buttons.

Q9. What is Roblox Cookie Clicker?

Roblox cookie clicker is one of the best and fun games for jollification. It is an exciting game and is for everyone. It is an incremental game designed by Orteil, a famous French programmer, in 2013. Although, the first version was created in a single evening, the game has become popular worldwide and has a huge fanbase.