Ratatype Typing Test Features & Review

As we head into the technological era of today, typing has become an essential part of our culture, so much so that many people don’t even remember how everything was before it came to the limelight. The ability to type quickly and effectively can open multiple doors of opportunities for you because the world we live in, is by no surprise, a world of technology. As much as it is required in the professional field, typing is also an essential requirement in higher education today. Many apps and websites have been developed to help people improve their typing skills as it continues to gain importance.



The best way to improve your typing speed is to practice with typing programs. While there are many out there, Ratatype online is one of the best ones so, here we are with the ratatype typing test review. After looking into the features, we have prepared a thorough review of the tool.

What is Ratatype?

Ratatype Typing Test

Ratatype is one of the many tools to test your typing speed here. It is unique in a way that sets it apart from the others. Other than being a free resource for learning typing, it teaches you how to type effectively and fast. Ratatype uses different, proven techniques to teach the real way to touch-type while maintaining the appropriate posture for typing. While it has many of the features a regular typing test will have, it is different in the sense that it brings the interesting group concept where students and teachers who are added to the group can communicate with one another easily.


Ratatype won’t take much time to teach the amazing art of typing. All the time you need is just around 20 minutes daily. We often get distracted by several things when we get bored, but Ratatype won’t let you get bored because it includes interesting lessons and tests that are just like a game and they aren’t very long either. Moreover, if you want to learn and use a new language, Ratatype will help you with that too because it offers typing courses in several different languages.


So, Ratatype is a great tool to practice typing skills and get better at it by competing and playing with others. Let’s head to the detailed ratatype typing test which will help get a better insight into the working of this tool.

Features of Ratatype Typing Test

1. Perfect Design for Learning Typing

Ratatype supports a great design that is perfectly suited to meet the needs of the latest curriculum offered in educational institutes. The lessons present are very logical and always flow seamlessly from one to the other. The typing exercises and tests at Ratatype are well-designed to only test the skills that are required at a particular stage. Also, another great feature is the immediate feedback response that lets you know where there is a lag and where improvement is needed.

2. Simple, Friendly, and Intuitive Interface

Ratatype has a very simple and friendly user interface that only includes simple videos, animations, and graphics along with an easily understandable layout. The best part is that one won’t get distracted or lost. Moreover, the lessons, tests, and exercises can be taken several times as needed to achieve a better score.

3. Versatility

While Ratatype doesn’t have individual versions for individuals, schools, or businesses, it is a versatile platform that can be used by anybody for almost anything at all. Since it is available online, you need to have an active internet connection. All the records are saved in the cloud, so you can use Ratatype, anywhere you want, and on any device. This amazing tool is suitable for adults and children alike to practice and improve their typing. Ratatype is, therefore, suitable for teachers, writers, students, bloggers, programmers, translators, or any other such professionals.

4. The Group Support

Another interesting feature of Ratatype is that it allows individuals, whether a teacher, HR, or manager to create groups where the entire group can learn typing together. To do that, you just have to create the group, get the link/URL, and then share it with your students, friends, employees, or co-workers to ask them to join. In this way, people can communicate with one another and practice typing together. This amazing and unique feature is most suited for schools or offices where the authorities want people to learn together.

5. Self-Paced Learning

Ratatype puts no pressure on the users. People can progress at their own pace and go ahead when they are comfortable and satisfied with achieving the goals of the previous lessons. Users can practice at their own pace. But authorities like the teachers can always set the goals for the classes.

6. Typing Courses in Different Languages

Ratatype isn’t just limited to the English language. Users can also practice typing in and learn new languages that are supported by this tool. The typing courses and tests can be taken in different languages including English (QWERTY, AZERTY, Dvorak), German, French, Russian, Italian, etc.

7. Interesting Lessons and Tests

Ratatype lessons and tests aren’t boring at all. They are like a real game. If you’re getting bored, just turn on the game mode and the lessons will become more engaging and fun.

8. The Typing Test Certificate

Ratatype also gives you an online typing certificate based on your typing speed, accuracy, and performance. Just register yourself and pass the typing speed test to earn the typing test certificate. 

9. A Free Tool

Ratatype is a free tool without any in-app purchases. After paying the registration fee, you can enjoy all the lessons for free. Payment may be needed at some point to access the advanced features of the tool, but all in all, most of the lessons will be free once the registration fee is paid.

10. Support

Ratatype also has an amazing support team that can be contacted in the case of a problem or question. The response is usually given in 24 hours, and sometimes often quicker. Even if you aren’t a member of the group, you can still stay in contact through Facebook. Here one can pose questions, share the results, and ask advice.

How Ratatype Test Works?

Ratatype offers different lessons and tests that allow users to test their typing proficiency and practice their typing speed. The lessons and tests are short and uncomplicated that can easily be taken as needed because there is no limit. After registering online, users will get access to all the lessons and tests. Immediate feedback is given, and the best score is then recorded. The score isn’t recorded if you haven’t achieved a better score than the previous. The results show your accuracy percentage and typing pace. You can use the myclickspeed typing test tool to check your typing speed. 


How it works is that Ratatype presents a screen where the text is given, and the user has to type it correctly. If an error is made, it has to be corrected before heading to the next word. 


Rewards are also given in addition to the certificate that becomes a part of your CV. to attain a silver certificate, one needs to get 40 words per minute with at least 96% accuracy. To earn a gold certificate, 50 words per minute speed is required along with a 97.8% accuracy. The platinum certificate is for those users who can achieve a typing speed of 70 WPM with 99.5% accuracy. Users can earn as many certificates as needed. 


No pressure is on you to achieve certain goals but if anyone is interested in knowing the performance as compared to others, the high score section can be used. Here the top scores are present. 

Pros & Cons of Ratatype English Typing Test Online

Ratatype is one of the several tools that one can use to practice and improve typing speed. Here are some of the positives and downsides of the tool that we have noticed and reviewed. 

The Positives

  1. Ratatype is a free tool once the registration fee is paid, and it works pretty well. 
  2. It has very interesting and engaging lessons and tests. 
  3. The idea of groups makes Ratatype a unique tool that is versatile and best for schools, offices, etc. where people want to learn typing together. 
  4. The tests are very quick and can easily be taken anytime, anywhere. 
  5. Certificates given according to performance are useful in one’s CV or resume. 
  6. Ratatype is very suitable for beginners who want to improve their typing skills

The Drawbacks

  1. Ratatype tests aren’t very in-depth or lengthy as compared to competitor tools, so they aren’t suited for complicated language learning and use. 
  2. The short-duration tests don’t test one’s ability to type accurately and faster in the long run.


Ratatype has gained many positive reviews from professionals and users in the field of education. While other sophisticated typing tools are available, they are also more costly. It will be wrong to believe that Ratatype isn’t an effective tool. It is, in fact, a very useful training program that has taught multiple users to type effectively and accurately.