How To Increase Your Typing Speed Online?

how to increase your typing speed online

Whether you are a student or working in an office, almost all jobs involve one interacting with a computer on a daily basis. A student needs to type all its assignments through his or her PC. An employee needs to form presentations, project reports, memos, and many other things through either his own or the company’s PC. Thus, the more fluent one is in typing the earlier he would be able to get his task done. 

It’s not just about the time anymore. There are a number of typing jobs available physically and online both. An employee is hired and paid according to his or her typing speed. The more words you can type per minute the more salary you’ll be gathering in. 

No one’s born with a high typing speed. It’s a skill that everyone needs to hone. There are many academies that actually teach how to increase typing speed. They make their students perform various practice exercises that help them increase their speed. Now, if you are wondering how to increase their typing speed online? Then, without a doubt, you are at the right place.

Increase Your Typing Speed Online

1. Online Course

If you don’t have access to any academy that works on one’s typing skills nearby, it doesn’t mean the end of your career. There are many online courses available that provide one with tips and practice exercises for increasing their typing speed. Some of these online courses are free as well. Thus, all you need to do is put in a little extra effort and time to be the fastest typewriter. 

2. Practice Exercises

If you are responsible enough and you don’t need a deadline set by anyone else to keep practicing your skills. Then there’s no need to join any course. There are numerous practice exercises available online for free. You can practice them thoroughly then calculate your words per minute and keep a check on your progress accordingly.

3. Touch Typing Software

Touch Typing Software can help increase your speed in a fun way. This typing software available online not just involves increasing speed through daily dull practices but has various fun games that can atone in improving your typing speed as well.

It’s not just how much practice or how much time you devour in your skills. Along with hard work, smart work is also required. Thus, the following are some tips for increasing your typing speed.

1. Find A Comfortable Position For Your Hands

Find a posture for placing your hands in such a way that they don’t get tired even after long continuous typing. You need to find a comfortable place for them after all they are the ones doing all the magic.

2. Look On The Screen

Type while seeing the screen. It would be difficult at the start but with time you’ll start typing by feeling the keyboard rather than looking at it. 

3. Fix your Posture

Find a posture in which your shoulders and hands are relaxed. You’ll be sitting and typing in that position so it’s important for you to be comfortable enough and fully focus on your typing.


The main factors that can increase your typing speed to 100 are:

  • Knowing the location of all keys
  • Practicing a lot
  • Playing piano more often
  • Using a best mechanical keyboard
  • Taking different typing tests.

This is just an average typing speed. If you want to achieve a good typing speed then you should reach level of 5 to 70 wpm.

You can practice typing at typing tests platforms. Or, you can also try typing a page from your book into MS word or google docs each day. This would help you to practice more efficiently.

23 wpm is considered as a very slow typing speed. If you have this much slow typing speed then it is suggested for you to improve your typing speed to work efficiently.