Razer Auto Clicker | Make, Delete & Restore of Macros

Razer Auto Clicker

Razer Synapse is a software that gamers use to connect their razer devices. It is designed to customize razer tools’ functions like laptops or mice. If you are thinking of changing your DeathAdder profile, then the razer synapse is important to have. 

It is pre-installed in razer laptops, but you have to use razer synapse if you are using a razer mouse. This software aims to keep your device updated and used for proper functioning and setting. 

A razer synapse offers all these features, but here it also works as an auto clicker. In this software, you can create macros and automate your various actions. For example, when you are playing a game, often you have to play similar moves and sometimes boring one. To avoid these difficulties, razer synapse has macros to keep your energy safe for challenging gaming levels.


Macros are defined as a set of different actions executed by the use of a mouse and keyboard. As you create a macro, you can use it as many times as you want until you delete it. All these actions collectively work as a single command. 

Devices With Razer Synapse Macros

There are different peripheral parts of the PC for effective gaming. But now razer devices like keyboard or mouse come with extra features. For example, a keyboard has extra dedicated keys for macros that are used only for macros. 

Razer synapse lets you connect with a specific game by creating a profile, and each game has its particular macros structure. Then, as you change the game, it automatically adjusts the macros according to game type. 

Moreover, you can create macros manually using a simple keyboard and mouse and third-party macro recorders. 

How To Create Macros?

Version 3 is the latest version of razer synapse and is easily available on the internet.

To create macros, follow these steps.

  • Download and install the software.
  • Launch it and choose macros from the top.
  • Click on the + option to create new macros
  • By default, software named it, but you can rename it according to action specification.
  • Click on it and rename it for future convenience 
  • Select that renamed macro to add actions

Here you have two ways to create macros

  • Insert
  • Record


In this way, you can insert any action by direct selection. For example, here, you can create macros by using a single device.

  • Click on the insert option present at the middle 
  • As you click on it to get given ways that you can use to insert actions
  • You can insert through a keystroke, mouse button, type text, or run command
  • For input, choose one of them
  • On the right side, select properties and add the required information
  • Here you can set a delay time after completing the first action
  • Your macro has been created, and now you can assign it


In this, macros are generated by recording your mouse and keyboard actions. 

  • Click on the record button 
  • Here you can choose a time delay, like a 3-second timer to record, or you can start and stop manually 
  • When you want to start recording, click on start and when you are done with macros, click on stop. 
  • Recorded macros saved automatically for use 
  • Now you can automate your job

How To Delete Macros?

When you accidentally create the wrong macros, or you want to delete old macros, follow these steps

  • Open the macros tab on razer synapse 
  • On the left slide, you have all your macros 
  • Each macro has this (…) in front of it
  • Click on it and choose delete, confirm it
  • Your selected macros are deleted

Restoration Of Macros Tab

Now you know how to create macros on razer synapse but what if you lost your macros tab option in the menu? Then how can you create macros? There are two possibilities and also two solutions to restore your macros tab.

  • Often you have many modules in the menu. As a result, some of them got hidden by the system 
  • At the end of the modules, this (…) is present; click on it 
  • Here you can easily find the macros tab

The other possibility: 

  • In this issue, the case is the absence of macros module
  • Search module in razer synapse
  • In the list of modules, find macros and download it
  • Install it, and after installation, restart the software
  • Now you have macros in your menu 
  • You can use this method to download any module for your razer synapse

If you’ve read this article with attention, now you know how to create, delete or find the macros tab on your razer synapse. Try this automation feature on your razer laptop or keyboard or mouse to make your life easy because this feature does your job without any error.