What Keyboard Does Clix Use?

Cody Conrod is a legend in the gaming world. Better known to the gaming world as Clix or NRG Clix, Cody participated and qualified in the first Fortnite World Cup for which he earned $58,000 on prize money. While this was his breakout moment, Clix went on to cement his place in the Fortnite gaming world by qualifying in every single Fortnite Championship final. 


At the young age of 17, Clix has a huge following on YouTube and Twitch, both of which are platforms where he streams his Fortnite: Battle Royale games. Clix is known for his exceptional record in one versus one (1v1) fights. His gameplay is admired by his 5 million Twitch followers and almost 2 million YouTube followers. His Twitch streams have racked up 123 million views. 

Why Clix Gaming Setup is Famous?

Clix Gaming Setup

Clix is an amazing, outclass player, a pro gamer collaborating with other big gaming organizations. Like any player, his success can be partly attributed to his gaming setup. A player’s gaming setup allows them to play comfortably with the best resolution and highest frame rates. This increases their reaction time in the game and supplements their skill. 


You can tell that Clix’s famous gaming setup has really enhanced his gaming performances.

What Keyboard Does Clix Use?

Clix’s keyboard is a big part of his success. He uses a 60% mechanical keyboard from the Matrix Elite series. However, his keyboard isn’t the same as what’s commonly available at the store. 


His keyboard is a customized look of the original black Matrix Elite 60% mechanical keyboard, with a black keyboard having red keys on the left and right sides. 


Clix has collaborated with Matrix to come out with signature Clix Matrix keyboards. These include the one above mentioned one, a keyboard with the colors inverted i.e. red keys between black ones, and a cotton candy version with pastel blue and pink keys. 


However, their aesthetic features aren’t the only distinction that set Clix mechanical keyboards apart. These keyboards come with PBT double shot keycaps that are wear-resistant, solvent-resistant and highly durable. The RGB lights are one of the brightest in any mechanical keyboard. 


The keys are designed for maximum user comfort. The Type C to Type A USB cable option in Clix keyboards makes your keystrokes highly sensitive so they are registered quickly on the screen. This helps lessen the reaction time which is crucial on games like Fortnite. 

What Switches Does Clix Use?

Clix keyboard settings include the Cherry MX Blue keyboard switches which are also the ones on all the Clix X Matrix signature keyboards. Clix has rightly endorsed these switches due to their high sensitivity and reaction times. The responsiveness of these keyboard switches give the player using them an edge over his opponents.

How Much Is The Matrix Clix Keyboards?

Clix Keyboard

The Matrix X Clix keyboards cost $134.99. The price tag is a bit high but that is to be expected for a branded keyboard from a world-level pro gamer. 


The Clix keyboard is only retailed on the official Matrix website and the stock is small, making it sell out quickly. If you can’t buy the Clix Keyboard, Amazon has some similar options with a lower price tag. Some good alternatives to Vlix X Matrix keyboards available on Amazon are:

  • TMKB GK61 60% Mechanical Gaming Keyboard.
  • Guffercty Kred Gk61 SK61 60% Mechanical Keyboard.
  • HYSSP Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard.
  • HK GAMING GK61 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard.


These keyboard options include wired as well a wireless Bluetooth keyboards with a very affordable price range of $30 – $90.

Are The Clix Matrix Keyboards Still Available?

The Clix X Matrix keyboards are exclusive designs. Limited amount of stock drops at a time and may get sold out quickly. This makes it quite difficult to snag a Clix X Matrix keyboard.


Some of the price is obviously due to the association with Clix who is world renowned for his aggressive play style and his high ranking in Fortnite: Battle Royale gaming competitions. 


If you’re not concerned with celebrity branding and are not looking to master Clix’s exact gaming style, strategies and techniques, you can opt to drop the signature Clix keyboard and get a simple Matrix keyboard. Matrix is still a well-established keyboard manufacturing brand with consistently good reviews from various gamers, especially for the Matrix Elite 60% mechanical keyboard.

Clix’s Keyboard Review: Matrix Elite Series 60% Mechanical Keyboard

ClixKeyboard Review

Anyone who has used the Matrix Elite Series 60% mechanical gaming keyboards can tell you that this keyboard was designed by a gamer for the gamers. 


The keyboard helps provide a smooth gaming experience, which elevates your gaming performance. The RGB software helps to make it suitable for a number of PC games. It also comes with swappale keyboard switches so your keyboard doesn’t become useless if a switch wears out. 


The Clix Matrix keyboards are compatible with all the Xbox series, PS5 and Windows, so you can get this keyboard no matter which device you use. 

The only thing missing is an arm rest, which would complete the package. However, the keyboard is well worth purchasing your own arm rest for. 


Clix’s Matrix Elite keyboard is the ultimate dream keyboard for many Fortnite players, especially his fans. If you’re serious about your gaming, this keyboard is worth considering for your next gaming upgrade.