10 Best Claw Grip Mouse | Top Reviewed 2021

Best Claw Grip Mouse

Gaming can greatly be affected by the mouse you use. The grip of your mouse is what sets the difference between a regular and a perfect aim. Different mice may suit people differently based on their grip type and hand size. Among other mouse grip styles, a claw palm grip is a common gripping style that is a combination of a fingertip and a palm grip, often being used for good flick shots and faster, accurate gliding movements.

A claw gaming mouse can also be suitable for those gamers who want to use a high CPI setting. Rather than using the forearm and the shoulder, a claw mouse makes use of the fingers and wrists promoting smoother smaller arc movements.

Offering a better precision than the palm grip, claw grip mice depend on a tense hand posture and may be considered a more tiring gripping technique than others. Nevertheless, when compared with other grips like fingertips and palm grips, a claw grip offers more agile movement since the lighter grip reduces the weight applied to the mouse.

This article will explore the best mice for claw grip, along with providing a complete guide for selecting and using it for achieving the best results possible.

How is a Claw Grip Mouse Better for Your Gaming?

A claw mouse grip tends to be more arched with little contact with the mouse arch, while the fingers are also held arched. Only the two main fingers are kept on the mouse buttons, keeping the overall contact with the mouse to a minimum. Claw grip mice have a gradual arch rather than a steep incline and this helps users set their wrists to the right angle thereby offering sharper and agile movements.

Moreover, these mice are smaller and narrower offering a strong grip for better responsiveness and finer mouse tracking movements. Mouse claw grip makes it easy to button mash and make micro-adjustments using the wrist ensuring that arm aiming isn’t disturbed.

Since a gaming mouse for claw grip allows wrist aiming, it gives way to agile and faster movements in games, making it a popular choice especially with fps games. Even though this gripping method tends to be more fatiguing than others, it is popularly used in gaming.

10 Best Claw Grip Mouse

With such a diverse range, how do you find the best mouse for claw grip? To assist you in your search, we have compiled a list of the best claw grip mice for you. Let’s have a look at our top picks.

1. Razer Pro Click Humanscale Wireless Mouse

Razer Pro click Humanscale gaming mouse is designed with perfect ergonomics, supporting a palm grip that reduces strain and gives you an improved arm posture. With a high DPI of 16000, you get the finest mouse movements combined with an acute level of precision that boosts the efficiency of your gaming. The powerful, Humanscale ergonomic and razer precision make this white gaming mouse perfect for claw-gripping. It comes equipped with 8 programmable buttons so you can perform all your actions as required by assigning secondary functions and macros.

The extended battery life of 400 hours with Bluetooth, and 200 hours with wireless, makes this mouse suited for long gaming sessions. Razer Pro click wireless gaming mouse wouldn’t damage easily even with your firmest claw grips because it comes with great durability of around 50 million clicks.
Razer pro click.

Humanscale gaming mouse can pair up to 4 devices, allowing you to switch between your devices with just a single click. With Razer Pro’s razer precision and Humanscale ergonomics, you can experience next-generation gaming with a claw-grip control.

Movement detection technologyOptical
Item dimensions4.99 x 3.14 x 1.8 inches
Pairing4 devices
Battery life400 hours with Bluetooth, 200 with 2.4GHz wireless
Weight5.3 ounces


  • Perfect ergonomics for claw-gripping.
  • High DPI supports fine mouse movements.
  • 8 efficient, extended programmable buttons.
  • Convenient switching between 4 devices.
  • Durable 50 million clicks.
  • Convenient and easy multitasking.
  • Wireless, seamless control



  • Small side thumb buttons

2. Logitech G Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse

Designed with perfect, professional-level technology, the Logitech G Pro gaming mouse is created after two years of tireless work. It is a combination of a lightweight design with advanced technologies. This relaxed claw grip mouse offers a pro-grade performance by delivering an ultra-fast report rate of 1 millisecond. The G-HUB upgrade for Logitech G Pro is free for everyone. This mouse comes equipped with a 25,600 DPI along with a 10X accurate sensor that delivers superior gaming accuracy and speed.

The unique endoskeleton gives this mouse a super thin yet strong outer shell, giving the body a remarkable maneuverable and lightweight of 80 grams. Logitech G Pro’s ambidextrous ergonomic design allows gamers to enjoy a perfect claw-grip with supreme comfort. It supports ultimate durability with 50 million clicks along with four removable side buttons that offer perfect customization.


The 6 programmable buttons can be easily activated for giving in-game commands. With LightSync RGB lighting enabled, gamers can enjoy ultimate customization. With a superior claw grip, Logitech G Pro Wireless is designed to meet esports standards.

Connectivity technologyWireless
Microprocessor32-bit ARM
Weight2.88 ounces
Product dimensions‎1.57 x 2.5 x 4.92 inches




  • Super-fast report rate of 1 millisecond.
  • Delivers ultimate speed.
  • Unique, thin, and strong endoskeleton.
  • Ergonomic design offers superior comfort.
  • Programmable buttons for customization.
  • LightSync RGB lightening responds to in-game actions.
  • 50 million click durability.


  • Not suited for large hands

3. Cooler Master MM720 Black Matte Lightweight Gaming Mouse

Cooler Master MM720 gaming mouse supports a special honeycomb-shaped shell that minimizes the weight, reducing it to almost half, while ensuring that there is no compromise on durability. The classic ergonomic shape is perfect for a wide, right-handed claw grip and the finger rest provides further comfort.


The innovative, in-house, ultra-weave cable is super light in weight to prevent cable snagging while swiping. Cooler MM720 gaming mouse supports a gaming-grade optical sensor that is adjustable up to 32000 DPI offering great performance. The durable switches are suitable for around 20 million presses, ensuring top-tier performance for years. The simple and straightforward MasterPlus software allows you to customize the mouse as per your choice by adjusting the profiles, RGBs, and macros.


Cool Master MM720 is upgraded with new and improved mouse feet that are carved out of PTFE material giving low friction and high durability for smooth and fast glides without any pull on the cable. Dust and water can never come in the way of your gaming with this gaming mouse.

Movement detection technologyOptical
Number of buttons6
Weight1.73 ounces
Dimensions4.15 x 3.01 x 1.47 inches
Polling rate1000Hz




  • Ultra-lightweight design.
  • Structural durability assured.
  • Comfortable and easy to use.
  • Classic ergonomic shape designed for claw grip.
  • Supports finger rest for comfort.
  • Customization with a simple software.
  • Durable and low friction mouse feet.
  • Waterproof design.
  • Ultra-weave cable reduces cable snag.
  • Lightweight cable.


  • Mouse buttons may squeak

4. SteelSeries Rival 3 Gaming Mouse

SteelSeries Rival gaming mouse is made of hyper-durable material, engineered to perfection with high-grade polymer, ensuring durability and longevity. This durable mouse is designed to handle 60 million clicks, maintaining the same efficiency from the first click to the very last.


SteelSeries Rival gaming mouse is equipped with a TrueCore gaming optical sensor that supports real 1 to 1 tracking with a CPI of 8500, and a 300 IPS and 35g acceleration. The superior ergonomic design gives this mouse a perfect claw grip, along with a lightweight that makes it ideal for intense and long gaming sessions. The 6 programmable buttons allow perfect customization, while the strong ergonomic construction offers the best comfort for a long gaming session.


Unlike others, the SteelSeries gaming mouse comes with an onboard memory that can save keybinds, polling rates, and 5 CPIs to the mouse directly. The RGB lighting system offers the sharpest dynamic lighting with its 3 zones of 16.8 million crisp colors, making this mouse stand out from the rest in terms of both performance and style.

Connectivity technologyUSB
Movement detection technologyOptical
Number of buttons6
Weight2.72 ounces
Dimensions1.49 x 2.64 x 4.74 inches




  • Engineered with hyper-durable materials.
  • Mechanical switches with 60 million clicks.
  • Comfortable ergonomic grip.
    Superior design for claw grip.
  • Superior prism lightning.
  • Advanced 1 to 1 tracking.
  • 6 programmable buttons for customization.
  • On-board memory to save keybinds, polling rate, and CPIs.
  • RGB dynamic lightning.


  • Poor battery life

5. Logitech G502 HERO High-Performance Wired Gaming Mouse

Logitech G502 Hero wired gaming mouse comes equipped with a next-generation or smoothing. The Hero 25K sensor is now upgraded from G-hub and is free for every user. It comes with onboard memory and 11 customizable buttons that allow you to assign custom commands, and directly save as many as five ready-to-play profiles in the mouse.


The 11 programmable buttons and the hyper-fast, dual-mode scroll offers complete customization of your gaming experience. A unique feature of this mouse is the adjustable weight system that allows you to set up to five 3.6 grams removable weights in the mouse for a custom balance and weight tuning as per your need.


With the light sync and lighting technology, you can easily customize your mouse from around 16.8 million colors to match different team colors. The pivot hinges and metal spring tensioning systems are set into the right and left gaming mouse buttons that give clean and crisp clicks every time. With an amazing ergonomic mouse grip, this gaming mouse is perfect for claw-gripping.

Movement detection technologyoptical
Connectivity technologyUSB
Customizable buttons11
Colors16.8 million colors
Item dimensions1.57 x 2.95 x 5.2 inches
Item weight4.32 ounces




  • Customization with 11 programmable buttons
    Solid and durable construction.
  • RGB lighting and LightSync.
  • Performance-driven features.
  • Onboard memory, save up to 5 profiles.
  • Adjustable weight system for personalized balance and weight tuning.
  • Clean and crisp quick click. feedback


  • No comfort grip for ease.

6. Razer Naga Trinity Gaming Mouse


Razer Naga Tritany is designed for all kinds of action with more buttons that give instant access and a greater advantage in gaming. This mouse allows you to configure everything according to your needs. It is equipped with an advanced 5G optical sensor that supports 16,000 DPI offering ideal speed and precision that gives swift movements.


Razer Naga Tritany gaming mouse has interchangeable side plates for 7, 2, and the 12 button configurations allowing you to set them for your gameplay. Every mouse button stands out ensuring you never miss a click. With audible feedback, you can track every action.


With 19 programmable buttons, you can assign any function, set hotkeys, any in-game commands as needed. Supporting 16.8 million colors, lighting effects, and countless patterns, you can experience full RGB customization with a deeper immersion into gaming. The enhanced right-hand form factor gives a perfect hold for a superior claw-grip. With superior customizations and an amazing claw-grip, you are sure to stay ahead of your competitors.


Razer Naga Tritany gaming supports amazing customization with 19 programmable buttons that give your complete control over your gaming. The mouse shape and design are perfect for a superior claw grip for all your long gaming sessions.

Weight10.6 ounces
Dimensions2.76 x 2.91 x 1.69 inches
Programmable buttons19




  • 19 programmable buttons for superior customization.
  • Improved rubber side grips for support.
  • Ergonomic right-hand grip.
  • Customizable lighting option.
  • Gaming-grade, durable scroll wheel.
  • Top-class mechanical switches.
  • Top tier 5G optical sensor for smooth use


  • Not suitable for small hands

7. Glorious Model O Gaming Mouse

The Glorious Model O gaming mouse is a perfect combination of style and size that works perfectly for gaming. The ambidextrous design offers super lightweight, and the size is suited for medium and large hands. Giving you ultimate control of gaming, this mouse is ideally designed for comfort, speed, and control.

Even though it isn’t wireless, it has an ascended cord that is so light in weight and flexible that it gives a drag-free, wireless type action. The mouse feet of Glorious model gaming is 100% real virgin PTFE allowing a perfect glide as smooth as gliding on ice. The texture and grip of this mouse offer a great claw grip for intense gaming sessions.

Gamers can experience an ultimate e-sport customization experience with lighting effects, 6-step DPI, lift-off distance, polling rate, 6 macro support buttons, scroll or click speed, and much more. The honeycomb shell design gives it super lightweight while making no compromise on strength and durability. The holes give good ventilation to keep the palms fresh and cool. The DPI indicator can easily be set with the colors and value of your choice with the software.

Compatible devicesPlayStation, PC, MAC, XBOX
Dimensions5.04 x 2.6 x 1.48 inches
Max DPI12,000
Number of buttons6
Switch type20 million clicks




  • Suitable for medium and large hands.
  • Super flexible, drag-free cable.
  • 100% virgin PTFE for superior gliding.
  • E-sport customization.
  • Comfortable and ergonomic grip.
  • DPI indicator can be set with colors and values of your choice.


  • Buttons are loud.

8. Razer Viper Ultimate Hyperspeed Lightest Wireless Gaming Mouse

Razer viper ultimate wireless gaming mouse is one of the most widely used gaming mice that works around 25% faster than a regular mouse. The wireless technology combines interference reduction with low latency to bring true wireless freedom.


Without any compromise on durability and longevity, this mouse is very lightweight. It is equipped with a 20K optical DPI sensor that gives gamers a great, accurate gaming experience. As opposed to traditional mechanical switches, these optical mouse switches register quick and light-speed button presses with light-beam actuation.

The ultimate, ambidextrous design of the Razer Viper gaming mouse makes it perfectly suited for right and left-hand users, with programmable buttons at both ends. With low latency, this mouse delivers quick transmission to register clicks and swipes almost instantly. Working at the speed of light, this mouse is durably rated for around 70 million clicks.


It also supports custom lighting, giving you a great customized gaming experience. The lightweight of this mouse allows controlled, swifter swipes offering an improved gaming session. The solid control and grip make it suitable for a firm claw-grip in intense and long gaming sessions.

Number of buttons8
Movement detection technologyoptical
Weight13.9 ounces
Dimensions2.61 x 4.98 x 1.49 inches




  • Very low latency and interference reduction.
  • Light-beam actuation.
  • Quick registration of button presses.
  • Ambidextrous design, suited for right and left hands.
  • Swifter, controlled swipes.
  • Supports around 70 million clicks.
  • Wireless gaming mouse.


  • Squeaky buttons.

9. SteelSeries Sensei Ten Neon Rider Edition Gaming Mouse

SteelSeries Sensei Neon Rider edition gaming mouse is a limited edition that comes with a Neon rider design for those who love gaming. It is uniquely designed with the design for CS: GO. This gaming mouse supports the TrueMove optical gaming sensor that comes with true one-to-one tracking along with onboard memory. It supports high durability of around 60 million click mechanical switches that remain crisp from the very first click to the very last.

The ambidextrous design of this gaming mouse makes it comfortable and ergonomically suited for right and left-hand gamers. It also supports a tilt-tracking feature that stabilizes mouse tracking during angle or abrupt movement, thereby offering solid performance in tilt slams, quick flicks, and angled drops. Built with state-of-the-art high-grade polymer, this gaming mouse stands for rough wear and tear. The low weight does not let your hand get fatigued.


Real one-to-one tracking minimizes tracking errors, stability issues, and response time delays. Wherever you move your mouse on the mousepad, the same distance is covered on the screen. The ambidextrous, comfortable design offers a perfect surface for a claw grip.

Movement detection technologyoptical
Number of buttons8
Dimensions4.94 x 2.7 x 1.54 inches
Weight4.94 x 2.7 x 1.54 inches




  • CS: GO unique design.
  • Real one-to-one tracking.
  • Crisp and clear clicks from start to end.
  • Comfortable ergonomic design.
  • Suitable for right and left-hand players.
  • Made with high-grade polymer for longevity.
  • Stable mouse tracking.


  • Expensive.

10. Razer DeathAdder V2 Gaming Mouse

Razer DeathAdder V2 gaming mouse supports a 20K DPI focus optical sensor that calibrates mouse movements automatically across your mouse mat. This reduces cursor drift from the landing and lift-off giving superior precision and performance. The new optical sensors mechanical switches supported by Razer DeathAdder give light beaming actuation that registers button presses at lighting speed. This mouse supports customizable, immersive RGB chroma lighting with 16.8 million colors and several preset profiles.

For assigning complex macro functions and remapping, this gaming mouse supports 8 programmable buttons, hence allowing superior customization. The Razer speed flex cable ends the need for using mouse bungees, giving a wireless-like, freedom performance. This also reduces weight and gives a smooth dragging experience for complete control over your gaming. The sleek and firm body with PTFE mouse feet makes this mouse a perfect choice for a claw-grip.

Movement detection technologyoptical
Optical sensor20K+ DPI, focus
Programmable buttons8
Weight6.4 ounces
Dimensions2.87 x 5 x 1.69 inches




  • Auto-calibration reduces cursor drift.
  • Light-beam actuation for fast button presses.
  • Customizable RGB lighting.
  • 8 programmable buttons for assignment of functions.
  • The drag-free cord gives a wireless-like performance.
  • PTFE mouse feet give smooth performance.


  • The scroll wheel isn’t smooth.

Features to Consider when Buying Claw Grip Mouse

Choosing the best claw grip gaming mouse is no easy job. It requires an in-depth study into the features of claw grip mice to find which ones are suited to your needs.

1. Size

When choosing a claw grip mouse, always consider the size. Some people may need a gaming mouse for large hands, while others may need a small or medium-sized one. Claw grip mice come in multiple sizes, and you will want one that can fit your hand. A right-sized mouse is essential to your gaming performance, so make sure to check the hand size before buying one.

2. Buttons

Before buying a claw grip mouse you need to see whether you need one with several programmable buttons or not. First-person shooters don’t usually need more buttons, but if you plan on playing other games, you may want to get one with several programmable buttons. You may also need a mouse that has a responsive scroll wheel for smooth flicking.

3. DPI and Optic

For the best performance, a claw grip mouse should have good quality optical sensors for the best DPI results. Moreover, it supports a DPI button for easy changing of settings. DPI and optic are both essential features. A good claw grip controller will have a high DPI and optic for aiming.

4. Lift-off Distance

One with a good lift-off distance will register your mouse movements quicker and faster. So be sure to check the lift-off distance of your mouse beforehand.

5. Portability

A good claw-grip gaming mouse should be portable to be carried wherever, whenever. A cable-free mouse can be used anywhere and with any setup you choose. So, try to find a portable mouse for yourself.

6. Mouse Grip Stickers

Some claw-grip mice have extra stickers that give a better grip over the mouse especially if your hands are sweaty or wet. These stickers will improve your grip dramatically.

How to Properly Claw Grip a Gaming Mouse?

The real claw mouse grips tend to be a very aggressive way of positioning the fingers. A claw grip requires you to place your fingertips almost directly under the knuckles, making a claw shape. The thumb is held on the left mouse click with the middle finger on the right, index one on the left click, and the pinky/ring finger on the right side of the mouse. To use the mouse scroll, you will have to slide the middle finger over it.


Even though this seems a little hard, the finger positioning when using a claw grip mouse is quite flexible. You can choose whatever way you are comfortable as long as your fingers and knuckles are aggressively bent. Positioning your hand in this manner allows you to get the twitch movements during gaming. Using a claw grip, the focus is more on trying to move the mouse in a short arc rather than having to slide it across the mousepad with large movements.


So you see, there is a great variety of claw grip mice available in the market today. As time passes, these gaming mice are only getting better, making it hard to pick the best one. Our list of the top 10 claw-grip gaming mice should surely help you in your search for the best one. Also, make sure to consider all the factors before investing.


Yes, claw grip is the second most famous grip used for gaming because it offers sharper and flexible movements and improves aiming.

A claw grip on your mouse doesn’t usually affect your harden, but studies do show that can sometimes lead to injuries and pain when overused.

A claw grip on your mouse requires all your fingers and the thumb to be positioned on the mouse.

There are multiple mouse gripping positions you can choose from. The best way to figure out which one you need to use is to see the hand position in the game you’re playing. Then try all the grips to see which one is most suited for you.

Yes, a claw grip is commonly used by FPS esports players even on a professional level. It is a great gripping style because it gives faster and sharper movements.

A claw grip will be a better option if you want better adjustment and dexterity and want to aim with the wrist at a greater DPI.

There are many Zowie mouse for claw grip that you can choose to use, but the S series tend to be a great option because of their ambidextrous shape.

Logitech G Pro wireless is tested as being one of the best mice for claw grip. It offers great comfort and is suited for all hand sizes.