5 Best 10 Second Click Game

The easiest games are those that require simple clicking. But the clicking games turn to be in your favor when you have a good speed of clicking which is the basis of your whole progress in the game.


Take a look at the five best 10 seconds clicking games that might interest you.

1. Doge Miner

Doge Miner game

Doge Miner tops the list with its promoted version. all that is required in the game is to click continuously on the left side for buying a spaceship and then traveling to the moon. the upgrade is that the tools have been enhanced with different options available at the side. Some extra characteristics have been added for the player to enjoy it by using various fun mechanisms.


When you keep clicking, the character in your game automatically keeps mining through which are able to collect extra coins. Sometimes the items like axes fall during the game that you can collect for your missions. You can also hire workers or slaves to complete the process for you. You can buy instruments and also advanced equipment for your workers.

2. Pumpkin Monster

Pumpkin Monster gamePumpkin Monster is the most smooth game that releases your stress. You can buy different weapons for killing the monsters with pumpkin heads. Simple continuous clicking is required for you to advance to the next level by destroying the monsters. The game is inspired by Halloween so you can buy different skins, masks, or outfits for your character.

3. Ant Art Tycoon

Ant Art Tycoon gameThe Ant Art Tycoon game is best for those who are into creativity and painting. With ants as your basic character and maximum clicks in 10 seconds, you can give a proper colorful shape to the picture in your mind.

4. Babel Tower

Babel Tower game

The completely featured 10 seconds click game follows various steps to accomplish the mission of creating the Babel tower. The stones have to be mined at different camps when you click and hold the left button of the mouse. It also helps you in quick production of the bricks, cutting off the trees and also take part in different activities.


Upgrades are needed when you go to the market to let others buy your resources and then as the levels progress, automatic creation of your camps take place depending on the speed of your clicking. You can also gain some Golden bricks when you start the building of the tower again through which the power of your clicking is also enhanced.

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5. Poop Clicker

Poop Clicker GameThis is considered to be the easiest yet stress-releasing clicking game. All you have to do is hit the brown pile on the screen as many times as possible. This is done just to get the maximum number of clicks. Once done, you are able to achieve the upgrades. As you keep upgrading it, you will be able to get more clicks that saves you the effort from clicking it more yourself.


These are the top 5 10 second clicker games that are played for free and without any hard effort.

In order to become a successful gamer, try out 3 second click test and see how many times can you click in a minute.


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