In this era of development where everything has evolved and revolutionized, the gaming sector doesn’t lag. Significant evolution has taken place in the gaming industry with newer gaming technologies entering our lives every day. Today, we have much more graphical and engaging games than ever before. While significant improvements continue to take place, we see no decline in the trend of playing mouse-clicking games that, regardless of the poor graphics, are still a fan favorite. People who love clicking games still play idle and clicker games that have poor graphics. Graphics don’t matter when the game is addictive and engaging.

Other than just being a source of entertainment, these games give gamers the chance of improving their clicking speed. When it comes to clicking speed, there are multiple different methods for clicking that gamers often use including jitter clicking, drag clicking, and butterfly clicking. If you’re a gamer, we’re sure you must have played the different clicking games that are available online. A good clicking speed offers gamers an edge in their games against other players, thereby increasing their chances of winning the game.

Before the latest, high-power graphical games emerged, players even enjoyed playing the simplest PC mouse clicking games on the online platform. If we look a few years back, people of all ages had enjoyed playing clicking games. While the trend has declined over time and kids are usually seen playing these games today, it doesn’t end the interest of adults enjoying these games. Clicker games tend to be a great pass time for people, regardless of their age. These games are also very addictive. Whether it’s for fun, or to relieve the stress of a hectic day, clicker games are a great choice.

If you have played these games before, you would have an idea that there is a long list of these games. Are you all set to play and enjoy some interesting and challenging clicker games? Are you ready to be entertained and have a break? All you need is finger strength. Below, we have compiled a list of the most played and addictive clicker games that you can find. Let’s have a look!

1. Mouse Accuracy

Mouse Accuracy Tool Image

Mouse accuracy is amongst the best clicker games that will help enhance your mouse accuracy and clicking speed. It is an engaging game that is suitable for people of all ages. Using a very straightforward and modern user interface, mouse accuracy is one of the most professional games you’ll find in the market today. In this game, you can set the configurations like the target size, the difficulty level, the cursor style, color, and the play duration. When the game is compelled, you are shown the results. The results display certain things like your efficiency, score, and accuracy. Furthermore, you can challenge your friends by sharing the score on your social media platforms directly.

2. Click Speed Test

Click Speed Test

The click speed test is another interesting game that helps you check your fast you are able to click in a set time period. You can set the timer to 5 seconds, 6 seconds, or more. The game is very simple and easy to play. To play it, you just have to click in the specific area assigned for clicking.

3. Boombox


Boombox is one great option for a mouse clicker game that is designed by Boombox inc. It is designed by Guilherme Carvalho. Apart from being an interesting and fun game, Boombox also helps to test the player’s stamina. If you’re someone who likes creating destruction with explosives, this is a great game to play. Players are required to keep clicking on the device’s screen and break boxes to make mayhem. 

To gain points players are required to destroy the boxes. With the earned points, gamers can purchase bigger-sized bombs. This game is perfect for all ages, especially adults who have spent a hectic day at work and want to relieve their stress and relax.

4. Spaceplane


The spaceplane is another idle clicking game that you can download from the app store and play store. The game is based on the concept of A brief history of time, Stephen Hawking’s book. Players are required to click the white button repetitively to gain power. The game is very simple. In the game, the players must launch their small devices to a mysterious planet. This helps them gain energy for the spaceship. With this energy, players are free to design new power generation resources and new probes. It won’t always be as easy as it seems because the aliens of other planets may destroy your probes. This is a very interesting game that is based on the story, so you will enjoy playing it.

5. Idle Breakout

Idle breakout

Idle breakout is also another clicker game that is perfect for the time pass. If you love the Atari breakout game, you will love this too. The most amazing part is that you have different balls. The main difference, however, is that the players are required to keep clicking on bricks to break them down while the ball will also break these squares. To get more gold points, players can upgrade to different types of calls. Each brick carries a different number denoting the number of times it has to hit to break. Those players who want to increase their clicking speed while enjoying and killing time will enjoy playing idle breakout.

6. Room Clicker

Room Clicker

Room clicker is another great online mouse clicker game that players can enjoy to test their stamina. A player has to click on any place in the room to get cash rewards. The game only gets more interesting when the players make purchases to get upgrades. 

As the game upgrades, players need to click faster and faster. When they reach a certain game level, gamers can change the game look to make it more interesting. The game has a very simple user interface. Furthermore, the game gets more interesting with the day and night cycle.

7. Grow Defense

Grow Defense

Grow defense is also an idle clicker game that has a very simple premise. Unlike most, if not all games available online, grow defense is a 3D game. In this tower defense game, players are required to save their castle from the raiding creatures. To protect their tower, players have to click constantly on the creatures who come it invades. As the game goes ahead, the creatures grow stronger and increase in number. When players get more gold, they use them to purchase items to increase their defense. This game is a perfect blend and clicking and time pass. Moreover, this game has many levels and upgrades. Grow defense is suited for all ages and is perfect to test the player’s clicking skills.

8. Tanks Squad

Tanks squad

Tank squad is another idle mouse clicker game that you can use to increase your clicking speed. In this game, players have to destroy the enemy’s tank. While the player’s tank will shell bombs on the enemy automatically, the player can click on the tanks as quickly as they can. The faster your clicks, the faster your enemy’s tanks will go down.  

Players will earn gold and this will be used to upgrade the tanks. Players can buy new tanks as well because each tank has a special ability. The most amazing part is that tanks can be regenerated and fight the enemies back.

9. Tree Trap Money Idle Clicker

Tree trap money idle clicker

If you think you have the guts to become a millionaire, play this idle game to click continuously to earn virtual money. Tree tap money idle clicker is an interesting and engaging game where players earn virtual money by clicking on a tree continuously. Like other idle games, players can use the earned money to make upgrades in the game in a bid. These enhancements will help increase the players’ money earned with every click. Moreover, the game has many rewards for players for clicking in the play area constantly. Players can also play offline to increase their tree level.

10. Dogs vs. Homework

Dogs vs. Homework

Dogs vs. Homework is a thoughtful and interesting mouse clicker game. This game is great for children and teenagers who are bored of doing their homework. If you’re someone who’s lazy to get the homework done, then you should get the dogs. 

This game is a fantasy-based game that is rather straightforward. Players outsource their homework to the dogs. To unlock homework, players must read the on-screen instructions, follow them, and keep clicking. Once that did, players have to keep clicking to unlock the dogs, their homework buddy. Players can collect more and more gold and unlock more dog breeds by clicking. As you proceed further in the game, you can send dogs to take classes in place of the player.

11. Tap Tap Builder

Tap Tap Builder

Tap Tap Builder is a very interesting city-building clicker game that can be used to test the player’s stamina. The game is very impressive because the player is free to construct their city on a separate island. Players are given absolute control of the way they want to design their city. Players can develop the city, build roads, and make the building structure as per their choice. 

This game is a smaller and simpler version of the famous game, Age of Empires. The main difference between the two is that there is no limit on the amount of construction the players can do. Players are free to keep clicking and constructing until their fingers tire. Players who love city-building games, or making a city of their dream will love this game and enjoy playing it. Moreover, for those players who want to increase their stamina and speed of mouse-clicking, this game is a wonderful choice.


There is a long list of clicker games that you can play easily. Some of the best clicker games include cookie clicker, room clicker, grow defense, spaceplan, idle breakout, and the click speed test game. If you want to play a good clicker game, you can choose from the list above. 

All those idle clicker games that require fast multiple clicks, will need you to click fast to win the game. Some of these games that need fast clicking include cookie clicker, clicker heroes, time clickers, adventure capitalist, etc. 

To click fast in your idle games, you need to have the right gaming gear. Get yourself a good gaming mouse, set a good position for clicking, maintain a comfortable posture, and practice. The more you practice your clicks, the faster your clicking speed will be. In this way, you can learn to click faster. 

Playing mouse clicker games is a great way to increase your clicking speed. The more you practice your clicks with idle games, the better your clicking speed will be. As we know it, practice makes perfect. 

Some games do not allow players to use an auto clicker and you may be banned for using it. In other cases, you can use an auto clicker for a short time to make automated clicks. But be careful not to use the auto clicker too much because you may get banned for using them. 

Idle clicker games also go by the name of incremental games. These clicker games are those games where gamers are required to perform simple clicking actions on the screen. On making clicks, players are rewarded with in-game currency that they can use to buy items and upgrades in the game. 

In every clicker game, the basics are the same. Gamers have to make clicking, tapping, or swiping actions. Players have to click as fast as they can in these games to get resources to get game upgrades. All of the games above have the same purpose. Players have to click, tap, or swipe repetitively to gain points and win the game.