Can Jitter Clicking Cause Arthritis? - What Medical Science Says!

Can Jitter Clicking Cause Arthritis

Jitter clicking is a mouse clicking technique that is used by many pro gamers. In this, not only your fingers but also your arms are in a working position. I have seen a query on Google that Is jitter click can cause Arthritis? So, I will tell you about it with research and proper medical knowledge.


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Is It A Computer Or Mouse Cause Of Arthritis?

If you want to answer this question in “Yes” or “No’. I will say it depends on the severity of the implementation of the clicking habit. There is no such medical research that endorses Jitter clicking as the cause of Arthritis.

Causes Of Arthritis Other Than Jitter Clicking Of Mouse

There are many other causes of Arthritis like injuries, extreme physical work, bone osteoporosis. But I will tell you some possible reasons for this topic that may cause but are not essentially true. Other causes for Arthritis are may be vibrating tools like jack-hammers. Computer or mouse use is not the cause of Arthritis. Mayo Clinic says that there is no such evidence that jitter click would cause this severe physical issue. Can Jitter Clicking Cause Arthritis

Forums About Arthritis Vs. Mouse Clicking

Many gamers express it and say they feel pain in their bones after too much jitter clicking of the mouse. Excess of everything is not necessarily good for you. Clicking games is the most well-known technique among gamers. Gamers complain that they have faced physical problems after too much jitter click. They try to polish skills by aggressive usage of gaming tactics. Using this a few times a day can’t be harmful, but excessive practice makes pain in the arms and fingers.


Other techniques, like drag and butterfly clicking, can also cause pain in joints due to friction. The most common medical problem is carpal tunneling due to jitter click, which is a serious physical issue. Due to median nerve compression, this condition can be severe and painful.


On different public forums, gamers caution us that we should not practice jitter click. They said: you must not use this technique to increase CPS because it can’t help you become pro. You can get harmed by Carpal Tunneling and Arthritis.


So, the myths about this misconception need to vanish and stay focused on the targets. Medical is not accurate, and spending a few minutes on the internet can cause Arthritis is absurd and baseless.


But you have heard about Tunnel syndrome, it’s a condition that results in pain in the thumb, inflammation, and obstruction in the blood flow. But remember, it’s exclusively due to computer usage, not caused due to specifically jitter clicking.


It’s a common myth that Jitter clicking boosts the tunnel syndrome. Due to jitter clicking, you are putting pressure less than average clicking on the mouse while running a computer device.


Therefore jitter clicking should be considered the leading cause of Arthritis. Arthritis has its causes and medical reasons. But it would help if you took care while using any technique. Do proper research before applying any serious trick and consult with a knowledgeable person or specialist about it. Arthritis and Tunnel both are different medical conditions.


Yes, you may get this issue because in Minecraft PVP you still experience joint friction just like while jitter clicking. 

Yes, it may cause carpal tunnel syndrome because when you are clicking, your wrist is functioning and that's where the carpal tunnel is.