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Free Auto Clicker

Tired of clicking the same keys repeatedly to improve your game score or perform data entry tasks? Or having a hard time improving your click speed? No need to worry. Auto clickers are just the right solution for you. When manual clicking becomes too boring, or when you want to excel by having a better CPS (Clicks per Second) rate than your competitors, an auto clicker will take over the task for you. You can find an auto clicker free from a variety of online platforms but free auto clicker is a perfect choice.

An auto clicker automates the clicking that you would otherwise do manually. This can include both single-button clicks by a free auto mouse clicker, and a pattern or series of clicks.

Features of Free Auto Clicker

Whether it is an online game you are playing or if you want to enter data, and you have to do repetitive clicks of the same key or series of keys, an auto clicker has got you covered. You can choose whichever mouse button you want the free mouse auto clicker to click for you, and then sit back and watch as the software does the work for you. At present, this tool is not a Mac auto clicker free, and is not yet available for the Mac Operating System. This tool has the following features:

1. Automated Fast Mouse Clicking

Free auto clicker is a great tool to avoid the manual task of repetitive clicking and improving your CPS (Clicks per Seconds) rate. For any repetitive and time-consuming clicking task, you can use this automatic clicker for making things a lot easier. You can select the time interval between the clicks and improve your click speed by setting it to the minimum amount of time.

2. Set the Location of the Cursor when Clicking

Click Points on Free Auto Clicker

To set the exact location of the cursor where you want the automatic clicks to be delivered, you can enter the X and Y coordinates of the position. Since it is difficult to calculate the exact X and Y coordinate, this best free auto clicker allows you to use its coordinate calculator to find the coordinates of the position easily. When you want to find the coordinates for any point, simply move the cursor to the right position and click the spacebar. Doing so will save the position.

3. Record a Script of Clicks Using the Command-List

With this auto clicker, you can record a single or multiple click script and then replay the clicks to automate the process. To do so, there is a list of mouse clicks where you can visit to record a series of clicks by using the coordinate calculator. Alternatively, you can also record clicks by different mouse buttons in different places. This sequence of lists can then be saved in the software as an FAC file.

4. Select the Time Interval

Set the Time interval in Free Auto Clicker

You can set the time interval as per your requirement and use it to set the click speed. After the set number of clicks has been delivered or set time has passed, the clicks will stop automatically as well.

Is this Auto Mouse Clicker Free and Safe to Use?

Yes, this tool is completely free of cost and 100% safe to use. Free auto clicker is a 100% safe software that is free of any spyware, malware, adware, or viruses. This freeware is open to all and there is no registration requirement.

What are the Benefits of Using this Auto Clicker?

1. Improve your online gaming speed

Online gaming is all about the speed and efficiency of clicks. When playing games like Roblox, auto clickers are the perfect tools to boost your performance because there is a great deal of fast and repeated clicking. A free auto clicker for Roblox can let you avoid the time-consuming and monotonous task of clicking, while also enhancing your performance.

2. Free of Cost

You do not have to invest a penny in this and you get a range of benefits, at no cost at all.

3. Avoid the Effort and Save Time

Repetitive clicking tasks can consume a lot of your and require a great deal of effort. With an auto clicker, you can save time and do other important tasks that need attention, while the auto clicker does the clicking for you for other tasks.

Where can this Auto Clicker be Used?

Free auto clicker is the perfect tool for assisting you in your online gaming experience. You can use this for auto-clicking on web pages where you need to click repeatedly to attain something (like on slot machine games and bingo). There is a lot that an auto clicker can help you with and this is just the tool you need. For an auto clicker free download, just download it from here and use it the next time you have to click repeatedly.


Yes, it is. There is no ban on the use of auto clickers. However, there are some anti-cheating, service-side rules that do not permit the use of auto clickers in competitive tasks.

Yes, it is. You can download this software for free from a number of online destinations.

No, this tool is not compatible with Mac Operating System. but you can find a free auto clicker for mac on other online platforms. A free auto clicker mac is usually designed specifically for this operating system.

For mac auto clicker free download you can look online and find a variety of tools compatible with the Mac Operating System.

Auto clickers can click at amazing speeds if the time interval between clicks is set very low. Some auto clickers allow you to set absolute zero and that is the fastest speed you can get.