Free Mouse Clicker | Features, Benefits, Free Download

Free Mouse Clicker

It is an amazing tool to ensure quick repetitive mouse clicks once you set up the interface. This application has the new upgraded features that provides you more smoothness to your project. you can free yourself from repeated clicks while playing Minecraft or other such games which require continuous clicking. This application is just amazing providing you thousands of clicks per seconds.

Features of Free Mouse Clicker

The free mouse auto clicker software is very handy for gamers in order to click repeatedly. it provides up, down, left, right, middle, or any type of auto clicks continuously. Moreover, you can create your start and stop hotkeys to set up some clicks on the screen. you can select the hotkeys or any command with your keyboard. It also supports the usage of the keyboard for repeated clicks for your task. These features make it a multi-tasker and broaden your horizons regarding the tasks.


Free mouse clicker for gamers can be used on any device; mobile, desktop, or IOS. You can use it for any game and make your own hotkeys or click ratio for that one. You can access a number of features in your game without even touching your mouse. You can score well in your game, get your work done quickly, and also apply any of your commands for the execution of your task.

How to Download a Free Mouse Clicker?

Free mouse auto clicker lets you automate some of the repetitive mouse clicking phenomena. You can easily get this tool for free. Download free mouse clicker online free by following the given steps below.

  • Get your free mouse clicker downloaded from the button given below.
  • Click on the download now button for safe downloading from myclickspeed.
  • Wait for a few seconds until it is downloaded properly.
  • Once it is downloaded click on the downloaded file and install it on your device.
  • Once it is installed, you can see the key shortcut to this tool on your desktop. You can simply double-click on the tool to open its interface.

The free mouse auto clicker is very easy to download. Downloading and installing doesn’t take much of your time as it takes very little CPU storage.

How to Start Auto-Clicking with a Free Mouse Auto Clicker?

Free mouse auto clicker for gamers is mainly an application-based software, once installed can be accessed directly. Setting up your free clicks is much easy with this auto clicker. You don’t need to make lengthy procedures in order to let the free mouse auto clicker start clicking into your game.


  • Double click on the shortcut of this application at the desktop. The interface will look something like this.

Free Mouse Clicker

  • On the click panel tab, select the point of clicking on the screen. you can select the clicking point according to the cursor movement. The app provides full customization.
  • Select the interval of the clicking. Like, say how many clicks do you want in one minute? Click per sec ratio is the most monitored in the clicking applications.
  • Choose any hotkeys as the start and stop director of your clicking phenomena. You can select any hotkey like K, M, or so.
  • Next up is to select the specific button to start your auto-clicking. If you want a left-click, select the left mouse button.
  • Select whether you want single or double-clicking.
  • When you finish giving all the commands, click on the start button lying below the dialogue box.

The setup is all done. Now you have to put your cursor at the point where you want auto-clicking and press the hotkey you have selected. Your auto-clicking phenomena will start at the intervals you have selected.

Benefits of Using Free Mouse Auto Clicker

Free mouse auto clicker has many features that you will surely love. It provides a vast click range and is easily installed on the desktop. To the gamers, this application is amazing and provides them easy accessibility for their games proceedings. The features have many positive points that can compel you to download this tool.


The first and foremost quality of this tool is that it is free to install and use. You don’t need to pay anything. It doesn’t compromise on quality even in the free mode. You can access all the important features in the free mode. It is easy to use on your desktop.


This tool uses very minimal CPU storage. Therefore, it doesn’t affect the performance of your device. It is compatible with any device you can use on your mobile phone.

It is a completely virus-free tool. You need not worry about the virus protection of your device with this tool.


You can select the number of clicks, time interval, point of clicking, start and stop hotkeys, and multiple other features. In short, the app provides complete customization for your game. And also the involvement of the keyboard for the section of hotkeys and commands make it more usable besides gaming.

Games for which Free Mouse Clicker is Useful

The free mouse auto clicker is compatible with all those games which need repetitive clicking in order to keep moving. There is a list of those games like cookie clicker, forager, plantera, adventure capitalist, Minecraft, and multiple others. If we talk about the one let say, you have to click continuously in Minecraft to raise your hands to flip your sword fast to drop your enemies or cut out any hurdle. Auto clicker can do this job for you. Once you set up the hotkey and press where it is needed, you are good to go.


There are many auto clickers that can be installed on your desktop and you can directly operate them from there. Free mouse auto clicker is one of them.

Free auto clickers have low CPU storage and are virus protected. They are completely safe for your device.

Yes, the auto clicker has built-in features helping to count your clicks or keyboard commands for you. They may even take the record for your clicking as well.

If you are using it for work purposes, it’s your time saver tool. To enroll yourself in some competition, you must comprehend their rules and regulation.

Butterfly clicking is a procedure to twofold your clicking speed by utilizing two fingers to click the left mouse button on the other hand.