How To Get Honeycomb In Minecraft?

Honeycomb In Minecraft

Minecraft has become one of the most widely played games in the world today. It is, by far, one of the most loved games that gamers love playing. Minecraft offers multiple in-game items to the players, one of which is a honeycomb. Here we will learn everything about getting a honeycomb in Minecraft and where it can be used. 

Making Honeycomb In Minecraft

Here are the step-by-step instructions for making a honeycomb in Minecraft. Unlike other items, honeycomb cannot be made in the furnace or the crafting table, so you need to locate and collect this item in your game. 

In the survival mode, you can get a honeycomb to your inventory by locating a bee nest that has honey. You can gather honeycombs from it. Here’s how you can do so. 

You can also make charcoal in Minecraft.

1. Look For A Bee Nest

Search your Minecraft world to find a bee nest. You will usually find a bee nest in flower forests, plains, or sunflower plains biomes. These bee nests are mostly hanging from a birch or oak tree. 

Flower Forest
Flower Forest
Sunflower Plains
Sunflower Plains

bee hives



2. Get Hold Of Your Shears

Next, take a hold of your shears by choosing them from your Hotbar. 

3. Now Use Your Shears

When the bees taking their pollen enter the nest, the levels of honey will rise in the nest. Once the bee nest becomes full of honey, it will start falling from the nest holes. When that happens, you’re all ready to gather honeycombs from the nest with the shears.Beehives

The control for operating the shears will vary based on the Minecraft version. These controls are given below.

  • Java Edition (Mac/PC) – hold and left-click the bee nest
  • Pocket Edition (PE) – tap and hold bee nest 
  • Xbox one, press and then hold the RT button on your Xbox controller
  • PS4 – press and then hold the R2 button on your PS controller 
  • Nintendo switch – press and then hold the ZR button on your controller
  • Windows 10 Edition – click left-click button and hold the bee nest
  • Education Edition – press the left-click button and hold the nest

You will get three honeycombs from the bee nest.

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4. Now Pick Up Your Honeycomb

When the honeycombs fall to the ground, make sure to pick them up as soon as they fall, because they disappear after a while. When you’ve picked up your honeycombs, you will see them in the Hotbar. Honeycombs are useful items that can be saved in the inventory and used later. 

Where Is A Honeycomb Used?

The most important use of a honeycomb is to make bee hives that are a manmade form of the bee nest. Beehives are much pristine and cleaner than the regular bee nest and are also more accessible because they can easily be made using honeycomb and wood. Honeycombs are also very useful for creating decorative, pretty honeycomb blocks that you can use to decorate your bee or honey farms.


By following the simple step-by-step guide above, we hope you have learned how to get honeycombs in Minecraft that you can later use for decorating your world.