How To Make Charcoal In Minecraft?

How to make charcoal in minecraft

Minecraft is a very creative game that allows players to craft and make things on their own. If you want to cook meat, smelt ores, forge stones, or burn stuff, you will need to use some fuel. While the most common fuel that is used is coal, you can use others like charcoal. But how do you make charcoal in Minecraft? Let’s find out. 

Charcoal is a renewable energy source so you won’t have to worry about it finishing in your games as long as you have can locate saplings. Because saplings are almost infinite, you won’t ever run out of charcoal. 

Things Required To Make Charcoal In Minecraft

Before you can start making charcoal, you need three main ingredients. 

  1. Wood logs (any variety)
  2. Fuel source
  3. Furnace 

The major ingredient that you need for making charcoal is wood logs that you will need to burn. Trees for making charcoal can be found anywhere. Each of the logs will make one charcoal. The furnace can be set with eight cobblestones. You can also dig to find the stones. And the last thing you need is a fuel source. If you don’t have coal, you can use any wood-based item. 

Making Charcoal in Minecraft

If you want to make charcoal in Minecraft, follow the simple step-by-step guide below. 

  1. Start the process by tracking a tree down. You can take any tree ranging from the classic oak to the jungle or acacia trees. Chop down whichever tree you want.Tracing a tree down
  2. When you have the wood logs, make planks out of the logs. You can make a crafting table with four planks.Crafting Table With 4 panks
  3. Now set your crafting table and design a pickaxe for gathering stones. You need to have at least 8 cobblestones to make your furnace. Now place your furnace and leftover wood on the crafting table. Open the furnace and then place the wood logs on the top. Picaxe for gathering stone
  4. You can fuel your furnace with whatever leftover wood you have. If you want to maintain efficiency, you can use planks or logs because they can cook 1.5 items. It’s better to turn your logs into planks for the fuel because four planks are made and they offer the same efficiency. If you have leftover sticks as fuel, you can get 0.5 items/stick. Wooden planks are always a more suitable and efficient option. 
  5. Now just add whatever fuel you’ve chosen right below the logs. Now wait for the logs to cook and your charcoal is all set for use. Following the simple steps above, your charcoal is all ready for use! Charcoal is ready

How Can Charcoal Be Used In Minecraft?

Charcoal is very much like the coal used in Minecraft. Charcoal can be used to fuel the furnace to cook just like with coal. So, when you’ve made your first charcoal piece you can use it to make more charcoal as well. Sticks and charcoal can also be turned into torches much like usual coal and then be used to see around you. Charcoal can also be used for a campfire in place of coal. 

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