How Fast Can You Hit the Spacebar?

Spacebar Speed Test

It’s a question that has been on the minds of gamers for years. How fast can you hit the spacebar? It seems simple enough to tap it once. But, if you’re playing an old-school arcade game, that may be all you need to do. But many modern spacebar games require more, with commands like A+B+C or R1+R2+L1=L2.

The spacebar is a common keyboard key used for spacing purposes and performing certain actions in a game such as jumping. Some people have averaged hitting the spacebar about 50 times per minute. However, this is not an average that many people will be able to achieve consistently. The most common rate seems to be 20-25 taps per minute, on average on a standard keyboard with 101 keys.

According to the research, the space bar is hit 30 percent more than the letter “a” and 25 percent more than “e.” The frequency of hitting these keys can be reduced by making sure you’re typing with your fingers on the home row and not reaching for letters.

A recent study by ergonomics experts found that the frequency of the space bar being hit during typing was reduced when the space bar was moved to be closer to the left side of the keyboard. The findings came from a study conducted by researchers at Staffordshire University. They revealed that users’ arms adopt different postures and movements depending on where they place their fingers on the keys.

Spacebar And Its Uses

A spacebar is a specific key or button on a keyboard, typically used with other buttons to type. In addition, spacebar clicking serves many purposes in video games, such as picking up objects, jumping, and accessing inventory after they have been collected, which often happens when the player is not in control, and they need to go back to simple tasks like picking up items and using them.

How Fast Can You Hit the Spacebar?

  • First of all, check your spacebar hitting speed via spacebar clicking test. It will help you to know about your space tapping speed, then you can enhance it through different ways such as 
  • Use your middle fingers to hit the spacebar to complete the spacebar challenge.
  • Practice it again and again through different games and clicking games such as sheep party
  • You should always make sure that your fingers are relaxed before you start typing.      
  • You should also make sure that your hands are comfortable and level with each other, or else you may experience hand cramps.
  • The best way to hit it is by lifting your little finger off of the home row and using just your index finger to strike the bar. The pinky and index fingers are too close together and do not extend enough, making it difficult to reach the spacebar when typing with 10- fingers. For those who experience pain in their hands when typing it might be time to reevaluate their keyboard and switch to using only 8- fingers on the keyboard.
  • Then regularly check the speed by comparing the previous one using different software or tools such as Sporcle, 10fastfinger, etc.