How to Drag Click on a Glorious Model O?

How to Drag Click on a Glorious Model O

If you are looking for a mouse that supports drag clicking, then surely, you must stop on the Glorious model O. The hollow honeycomb shapes keep your hands cool and sweat-free to ensure a firm grip. Moreover, you get complete control and can click precisely because of its lightweight structure. With this tool and the correct technique i.e. drag clicking, you can generate maximum clicks that seem like you are using an auto clicker. 

What is Drag Clicking?

Drag clicking is a simple technique that produces maximum clicks in a few seconds. In addition, it is one of the fastest clicking types and recommended by professional gamers. By using drag clicking, you can achieve the clicking speed of 32CPS.

Can the Glorious Model O Drag Click?

There is no doubt that this is the best mouse to practice drag clicking but to prove it, here I am sharing some features that support drag clicking. 

1. Honeycomb Shell

It is important to keep your hand dry for an effective drag clicking because sweat makes the surface slippery and reduces clicking speed. Therefore, the hollow honeycomb structure helps to keep your hand cool and sweat-free to ensure that you click faster without any worries. 

2. Lift Off Distance

Drag clicking is all about vibrating your mouse button to register clicks while dragging your fingers. A low lift-off distance helps to detect minor vibration and produce a click. Therefore, glorious model O is an ideal pick for drag clicking because of this mentioned feature. 

3. Lightweight

While drag clicking, a lightweight mouse helps to ensure complete control, especially a cordless mouse. Glorious model O is one of the lightest mice and feels like a cordless mouse. 

4. Matte and Glossy Option

Here you can choose the surface type for your gaming mouse. If you are confused about which glorious mouse is the best for drag clicking then you can pick a glossy one if you don’t have extra sweaty hands. However, if you have any such issue, you can choose the glorious model O in matte to increase the grip and clicking speed.

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How to Drag Click on a Glorious Model O?

It is not about just dragging your finger across the mouse button. To drag like a professional, you have to be careful about various aspects. For example, the mouse should be clean, and your hand must be sweat-free. Also, hold the mouse in the appropriate position. 

Follow these steps to get the number of clicks you want. 

  • Clean the mouse surface and your hand 
  • Place the hand on the glorious model O, the way you usually hold but here, keep your index and middle finger on the left mouse button
  • Now glide your fingers from back to the front way
  • You can glide your finger to the end of the button to get more clicks or stop in the middle, depending on your gaming requirements

Use Grip Tape to Enhance Functionality

If you want to increase the CPS while drag clicking, then using a grip tape helps to enhance friction. With a grip tape, you can register maximum clicks as well as get more precision. Moreover, the use of different colors allows you to adjust your mouse appearance with your gaming system. 

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Glorious model O is the finest mouse option for drag clicking because of its lightweight and honeycomb design to get the control and rough surface needed for drag clicking. Try this RGB mouse to play with lights and enjoy the maximum clicking speed by winning all the games.