How To Drag Click With Razer DeathAdder Elite?

How To drag click with Razer DeathAdder elite

In multiple games, you are required to have high clicks per second speed to get a competitive edge in gaming. When it comes to mouse-clicking, gamers often make use of different clicking techniques to increase their speed. One of the many techniques that are used includes drag clicking. If you want to know whether you can drag click with Razer DeathAdder elite mouse, we’re here to help. 

What Is Drag Clicking?

Drag clicking is a method of clicking where you have to drag your fingers across the right or left mouse buttons forcefully enough for it to register more mouse clicks. Drag clicking works as a result of friction created between the mouse button and your fingers. When you’re doing this action on a mouse, gravity will pull the mouse down when you drag the click. The friction will press the mouse button continuously and then bounce right up as it’s pressed. As this entire process is repeated, drag clicking works.

Can You Drag-Click On A DeathAdder?

Razer DeathAdder’s elite drag click cps go quite high which is one of the reasons why this mouse is considered a great choice for drag clicking. With a high 16000 DPI optical sensor, you can make your drag clicks with just a flick of one switch. The mechanical switches of DeathAdder’s elite support around 50 million clicks, making it one of the reasons why gamers choose it as a good mouse for drag clicking. So, you can easily drag-click with Razer DeathAdder elite. The rubberized textured grips give better friction, and the 7 programmable buttons allow the best drag clicking experience.

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So, the question is whether you can drag click with the Razer DeathAdder gaming mouse and how? Well, you just have to attach the mouse and start drag-clicking. However, if your Razer DeathAdder elite drag clicks not working you can easily contact the support team for guidance and help. 


Yes, DeathAdder elite is seen as a great mouse for drag clicking for many gamers because of its switches and rubberized texture grips. Since it helps increase the friction between your mouse and fingers, it helps you get better performance in drag clicking. 

Yes, you can butterfly click, but the results won’t be as good as with drag clicking. Since it has an anti-double clicking feature, you will not be able to get a CPS greater than 15. And when clicking fast, some clicks will not be registered. So, while you can butterfly click with this mouse, you won’t get the best results. 

With DeathAdder elite, you don’t have to do much to enable drag clicking. You just have to enable and activate the razer synapse program and then use this mouse to make drag clicks on your device. The switches and rubber grips of this mouse make it easy to drag click using this mouse.