How To Get Infinite Cookies In Cookie Clicker?

Infinite Cookie Clicker

For gamers, Cookie Clicker is a popular choice of an idle game. As simple as it is, making cookies can be very satisfying for someone who enjoys idle games. This game centers around creating cookies, hiring cookie makers like Grandmas and factories for help, spending the earned cookies to get more, and unlocking new upgrades. When the game is launched, you click on the large cookie that appears on the screen and each click earns you one cookie. There are many achievements that you can get as you play, although there is no real end to it.

Cookie Clicker is a very addictive idle game for gamers. One way gamers tend to enjoy more is by applying new hacks for improving their scores. Although one should not encourage using such hacks in games, some do it just for fun. It is much better to enjoy the game’s true competitiveness by playing without hacks. Some popularly used hacks for getting infinite cookies in the game are discussed below.

Hacks For Getting Infinite Clicks In Cookie Clicker

Cookie Clicker Hacks & Cheats

Cookie clicker hacks are codes that users can enter into the original code and make infinite cookies or get more cookies without making any real effort. Such hacks can also be used to get new upgrades, achievements, or get benefits in other elements of the game.

You can hack the game in many ways but two popular methods are adding codes in the game and modifying the ‘save file’ for the game.

Method One: Use Developer Tools Or Inspect Elements

Method One- Use Developer Tools Or Inspect Elements

Since Cookie Clicker is a game based on a browser when opening it the code HTML5, CSS3 or JavaScript is used. To use this hack, you need to alter this code using a developer tool for the browser you are using.

Step 1: Open Cookie Clicker on a browser like Google Chrome from your PC.

Step 2: Right-click on the screen with the browser open and visit the ‘Inspect’ menu. To open the inspect menu on Firefox, click CTRL with SHIFT and K; for Microsoft Edge, right-click on the screen and open ‘Inspect Element’; for Safari, hit + Option + C; and for Chromebook click CTRL, J and SHIFT together.

Step 3: Visit the ‘Console’ tab in the developer’s window.

Step 4: In the ‘Console’, enter the following game code. “Game.cookie=n”. In place of ‘n’, you can enter the number of cookies you want to get. To get infinite cookies, enter the number ‘999999999999’, and remove the quotation marks.

Step 5: Hit ‘Enter’ on your keyboard and wait. The specified number of cookies will get added to the game.

Method Two: Export The Save File For The Cookie Clicker

Method Two- Export The Save File For The Cookie Clicker

The other method that can be used involves making changes to the exported file and importing it again.

Step 1: Launch any browser on the PC and open the game

Step 2: Click on the ‘Options’ button and go to ‘Export Save’. Then select the ‘Save to a file’ option so that the file gets saved on your PC.

Step 3: From Notepad, open the saved file and get to the code. At the very end, you will see ‘%21END%21’. Delete this information and enter ‘%3D’ instead, with a ‘=’ sign.

Step 4: Now that the file has been modified, copy it and paste it into the base63 converter.

Step 5: Use UTF-8 to decode the file and edit it as per your needs. Then copy the modified file.

Step 6: Visit base64 converter again and paste the edited save file here.

Step 7: While encoding the UTF-8, write ‘%3D’ in place of every equal to the ‘=’ sign. In the end, also add a ‘%21END%21’.

Step 8: Open Cookie Clicker and here import the edited save the file in the game.

What To Do Next?

Now that you have generated cookies for yourself using the hacks, use the cookies you got. You can buy items or structures using these cookies, get new tools to increase the number of cookies you can earn in one second. An Antimatter Condenser, for instance, will greatly increase how many cookies you can earn in one second. Other tools you can get include a Time Machine, a Changemaker, and a Prism to increase the cookies you generate in a second.

Do try out new cheats using the above-mentioned methods. In place of the codes discussed above, you can enter other codes for fun. Some other hacks you can use include the following:

  1. Game.RuinTheFun(): This code unlocks all the upgrades of the game and opens all the buildings. With the new upgrades, you can further improve your performance.
  2. Game.cookies=number: Using this command, you can change the number of cookies, or ‘balance’ you have. Just replace ‘number’ with the number of cookies you want. You can also use this code to reduce the number of cookies you have.
  3. Game.cookies=infinity: This code sets your cookie balance to infinity, or unlimited. You can buy whatever you want after that. On the other hand, if you wish to undo the code after you have applied it, enter ‘Game.cookies-0’.
  4. Game.cookiesPs=number: With this code, you can change the number of cookies you can generate in one click. Just enter the number you want in place of ‘number’.
  5. Game.lumps=number: This code can be used to change the number of sugar lumps you have with any number you replace ‘number’ with. Sugar lumps are another currency like cookies. These appear when you have made a minimum of a billion cookies in the game. When the sugar lumps are ripe, you can harvest them by clicking on them. The number of sugar lumps you have remains permanent.

Using the aforementioned hacks for earning infinity cookies and the other hacks, you can improve your gaming performance. Gamers who love to boost their scores on Roblox Cookie Clicker can use these hacks to get more and more cookies. However, if you truly want to compete with others in the game, avoid using these hacks. The game is much more fun without such tricks.