What Is The Roblox Cookie Clicker And How Does It Work?

roblox cookie clicker

We are spending a busy life full of the pressure of work, mental tiredness, and anxiety. Many mind relaxing games have come to provide relaxation to your body and mind by engaging in exciting games in the era of technology. Roblox cookie clicker is one of the best and fun games for jollification. It is an exciting game and is for everyone. Let’s have a look at what is Roblox and how does it work? There are a lot of people who are unaware of the cookie clicker name.

Roblox Cookie Clicker:

Roblox cookie clicker is an incremental game designed by Orteil, a famous French programmer, in 2013. This game was created in a single evening, and now it has a huge fanbase. The game’s main point is to bake cookies and enhance the number of cookies, and you must have enough cookies to buy upgrades. This is an endless game with many achievements, and users try to reach a milestone number of cookies by clicking on the giant one. Its vision is unique and interesting.


The user is also given an option to spend its money and achieve the upgrade level by spending the cookies. It is a robot game, and it seems it doesn’t require any human to play. It has no ending time and lasts until your device can no longer work. It involves hundreds of achievements and unlocking of new buildings and assists to win more cookies. 

It is an exciting and funny game in which the player has to click on the left side of the screen to earn one cookie per click. Then with the help of earn cookies, the user or player can get more assets including farms, mines, banks, factories, buildings, and grandmas. These assets automatically make more cookies.


For unlocking the prestige level, the player has to earn heavy cookies and bonus cookies that are termed golden cookies. These cookies appear after some seconds, so to get a bonus user has to click on them fastly. With prestige upgrades, the levels become harder. Each prestige level adds about +1% permanent boost to the rate of cookies production. Once you have baked about one billion cookies, you will eventually gain duo decillions of the cookies. You can unlock sugar lump in the cookie clicker game that is secondary in-game currency.


For getting more and more cookies, you can add simple codes, cheats, and add-ons by using the browser console and bookmarklets. The game contains different themes such as dark humor, dystopia, cosmic horror, and apocalypse.

How To Use Hacks Cookie Clicker?

  • Open the cookie clicker interface by using https://myclickspeed.com/roblox-auto-clicker/ URL in the browser.
  • Now open browser source inspector that may be chrome, firefox, edge, or safari. It depends upon your browser.
  • Now click on the console tab at the top of the inspector window.
  • Enter generated cookie code. Generate the code by typing Game. Earn (number) and then click enter.
  • Now you can buy any item or structure with the help of generated cookies.

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