How To Jitter Click For Beginners?

jitter click for beginners

Jitter click is an advanced way of clicking the mouse to generate more clicks on the mouse. Jitter clicks are different from merely clicking the mouse as this clicking involves the shaking of the hand. In this type of clicking known as jitter clicking, the user clicks so hard to generate the hand vibrations after having a firm grip on the mouse. Here are some basic steps and measures of jitter clicking for beginners:

1. Keep The Hand And Arm In The Right Position

Have a strong grip on the mouse. As you need to shake your hand so the grip should be so strong that the hand does not go elsewhere or the hand should not leave the mouse. The finger should be a little arched to maintain the balance of the hand. Try to keep the rest of your hand a little bit away from the mouse. The wrist should not rely on the mouse. It should be lifted off for stronger grips and better clicks. The arm should also be raised from the surface. It should be tensed and must not relax on the table surface or any surface.


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2. Vibrate Your Hand

Use the muscles to vibrate the hand easily. You can use the muscles of your wrist, forearm or you can vibrate your whole arm. It depends on your preferences but it better is to click using the forearm. It must be kept in mind that your arm or wrist or fingers can pain when you try jitter clicking as a beginner. Also, you can hurt yourself during the vibration if the ankle or the wrist strikes a stiff surface. Be ready for these pains to become a professional jitter clicker.

3. Transfer The Vibrations To Your Finger And Start Clicking

Once you have mastered in vibrations go to the clicking. Make your wrist stiff around the mouse for better clicking. Transfer the vibrations from your arm, forearm, or wrist (whatever you choose to vibrate) to the finger and start clicking. This is how you can easily jitter click.


At first, you may find it difficult to click. You may lose the grip of your hand or you may feel pain in your muscles. But if you keep on practicing, you will master this clicking.


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