How to Make a Redstone Repeater in Minecraft? - Step-by-Step Tutorial Guide

How to Make a Redstone Repeater in Minecraft

What is a Redstone Repeater in Minecraft?

A Redstone Repeater is a block that is used to transmit the Redstone Signals in a Redstone circuit by strengthening the pulses going towards a lamp. It works as a transmitter renewing the upcoming Redstone Signals by increasing their signal strength among blocks.

How To Get a Redstone Repeater?

You can obtain a Redstone Repeater by breaking another Repeater or looting the naturally generated Repeater or by making it with the required materials.

1. Breaking

Obtain a Redstone Repeater by breaking it. With or without any tool, you can break a Redstone Repeater and it will be dropped as an item.

2. Looting

Loot a jungle temple to get a Redstone Repeater where they are already generated.

3. Crafting

To make a Redstone repeater, you have to craft it from inventory. We have a step-by-step tutorial guide with pictures for you, so you can easily follow along. 

What Do You Need to Make a Minecraft Redstone Repeater?

For crafting, you need 3 Stone Blocks, 2 Red Torches, and 1 Redstone Dust. You can obtain Stone Blocks by putting cobblestones in a furnace and torches are sticks with Redstone on top of them.

How to Make a Redstone Repeater in Minecraft?

  • From your chest, drag the above-mentioned items into your inventory.
  • Now, go to any crafting grid and put the three Stone Blocks at the bottom with Redstone between two torches in the middle row, above the stone row. Make sure you follow the placement (see the picture).

Redstone Repeater Crafting in Minecraft

  • This way, you will have a Redstone Repeater in the box to the right.
  • Once, the Redstone Repeater is created, drag it into the inventory.
  • Now, you can set it down.

What Are the Uses of Redstone Repeater In Minecraft?

Redstone Repeaters work as a repeater that prolongs the Redstone Signals. As Redstone goes further, the pulses become weaker until they eventually die but a Repeater renews the signals as they go to the lamp. They are actually transmitters transferring the Redstone signals into the lamp.

A Redstone Repeater has a front and back with an arrow on top pointing towards the front. The distance between two torches defines the delay of Redstone Signals. The bright red color torches shows that it is on and dark red indicates no output signals.

Benefits of Redstone Repeaters

Redstone Repeaters can be used to add delay to Redstone Signals. You can add ticks to your Repeater that will delay the pulse by 0.05 seconds. Add a Block to a Repeater and this will power the opaque block and make it strongly powered. They can power adjacent Redstone dust.

Redstone Repeaters are also used to form lines by modifying them turning on only the Repeaters facing the incoming pulses directly and turning off the side Repeaters. 

A Redstone repeater can be powered by a powered Redstone block, lever or a Redstone torch. It can also be powered by another Redstone repeater or a powered Redstone dust.


Crafting redstone in Minecraft can be difficult sometimes. But, if you keep following a proper guide then you can easily tackle the redstone contraption.


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