How To Press Keyboard Keys Fast for Gaming?

How To Press Keyboard Keys Fast For Gaming

Gamers would know how crucial it is to press the keyboard keys as fast as possible for gaming. While a good keyboard is necessary for fast key pressing, there are some other ways to press the keyboard keys fast. If you are new to gaming and searching for ways to press the keys fast, this is the right place for you. Let’s learn how to press keyboard keys fast for gaming. 

Want to press your keyboard keys fast? Here are some simple tips to follow to get fast keyboard pressing!

Choose a Keyboard that is Comfortable

A key to pressing fast on a keyboard is that you choose one that has comfortable keys. Pressing keys will always be easier when a keyboard is comfortable to use and press. Having a keyboard that matches your style does make a difference! 

You can also test your keyboard through keyboard tester.

Familiarize Yourself with your Keyboard

When you use a PC keyboard for too long, you are bound to know where the buttons are. When you learn the key placement of your keyboard, you can use it faster and more efficiently while playing games. 


Set the Settings of the Keyboard

When you have familiarized yourself with your keyboard, there are some settings that you can change for better usability. You are free to change: 

  • The rate of mouse pointer blinks
  • Speed of keyboard character repetition
  • How long to press before character repetition starts?

Set Easy Multiple Key Presses

If it is hard to press multiple keys at the same time, you can set the keyboard sticky keys. This allows you to hit only one key at a single time in the keyboard shortcut. Sticky keys can be set in Windows Vista, Windows 7, or Windows XP. 

Use Programs like Auto Key Presser

Autokey presser is a useful program that allows users to set keys of the keyboard to do what and when to do it. This auto hotkey is also used in gaming because it allows users to constantly click a single key to perform a certain action till it becomes customizable.  Users can set as many hotkeys as they like. 

Here we have given you some ways to press the keyboard keys faster and we are sure that this will help you better your gaming experience as well. Of course, fast keyboard pressing is a must for winning a gaming session! You can check some gaming keyboard reviews to choose a best keyboard.