What is a Click Detector in Roblox?

Click detector or mouse detector that allows the clicker to be clicked. It enables the scripts and local scripts to receive pointer input on 3D items on mouse click.


It helps detect the mouse events, including right-click, left-click, leave, and enter. Also, it aids the player to make an object and perform an action.

You can apply it as insert click detector. It is used for multiple things in the games, such as for guns, NPCs, and other purposes.

It also plays a vital role in synapse and protosmasher. Some games make you click on a part in games. With the help of the click detector, you can click activate the game from anywhere.

How To Use Click Detector On Roblox?

The use of a click detector on Roblox is easy, but it is tricky. The click detector is used when you want a brick to be clicked. Usually, a script works on the test, but it doesn’t work on the server Roblox. You can use this simple templet script for working with click detectors.

  • Local clickdetector = workspace.Part. Clickdetector
  • Function on the mouseclick
  • Print
  • End
  • Clickdetector.mouseclick: connect


The click detector events work on both client and server even when the filtering enables is turn on.


To run the local script, I should descend from a player character or player. For detecting the local script, StarterPlayerScripts is the better place.

Input Priority:

If your multiple detectors detect the user input, only the deepest click detector will fire the event in this situation. It will take priority if the action is bounded with ContextActionService. For the siblings’ click detectors, priority will be given to the first one.

A Click Detector Door:

The code is for creating the click detector and connecting the click detector to several events. It maintains the maximum distance through which the player can interact with 10- studs. The player can open the door by left-clicking on their mouse and can close the door by right-clicking. These codes are helpful for in a script and local script as long as the script’s parent is the door.

Roblox is the best gaming platform and game creation system for programming games. Roblox Corporation develops it for game lovers. It allows the players to create, buy and sell virtual items for decorating the virtual characters. The Roblox clicking has a huge fan base. But due to Covid 19, the fan following of Roblox has increased. People use it for playing video games, and it has become a way of communication among people, especially on birthdays. For gamers, to play fast and accurate click detectors is the best choice. It is useful when it comes to clicking. Here we will help you to know how to use the click detector on Roblox. Here is a brief description of the click detector and there use.