IMouse Trick for Mac | Benefits & Installation Guide

IMouse Trick for Mac

The IMouse trick is a simple auto-clicking tool that can accelerate your clicking process. It helps you to get your clicking without any effort. You don’t even need to touch your keyboard or mouse button for the initiation of auto-clicking.

Auto Clicking

Auto clicking is the process of repetitive clicking by the mouse or button without even touching them. It aids you to customize the number of mouse clicks in the given span of time. You can click thousands of times in a second. It measures your performance per second known as the CPS rate.

What is IMouse trick for Mac?

Auto clickers are available in a variety of ranges to be used on phones, Android, or Mac. There are multiple auto clickers for Mac. If you want a compatible choice for the Mac is iMouse trick for Mac.

This is an amazing software inhabiting all the required features of an auto clicker. Few of its features are listed here.

  • You can customize the number of clicks as many as you want. You can even change the time-lapse, and intervals between the clicks.
  • The iMouse trick software is free to download.
  • It can work on any game, and for any professional work.
  • The best use of this program is for those who play video games. High level gamers can use this software for scoring well.
  • You can click from any of your mouse buttons, and can also generate any hotkeys for a specific function to run.

This software is not only easy but provides you with the most comfortable level of gaming in each of your gaming experiences.

How to Download/Install the iMouse trick for Mac?

This free download iMouse trick for Mac is an incredible software that can automate your clicking process. You can simply download this software application to your Mac.

  • You can easily download  iMouse trick from the button given below.
  • Click on the first link. And download the iMouse trick application from the download button.
  • It will Take some time. As soon as the WINRAR is downloaded, go to downloads and click on the install button.
  • Let the server be installed. It will create a shortcut on the desktop window.

How to Set up the iMouse Trick for Mac?

Next up to installation is the process of setting up the software to release the number of clicks by your device or devices. You can achieve this in the most lenient ways.

  • Click on the shortcut of that application on your desktop. And the interphase will look something like this.
  • The very first step you need to do is to specify the number of clicks you want in the first block saying clicks.
  • Now set the interval between your clicks. Like if you select a 4-sec interval, every new click will be generated after this interval.

iMouse Trick Set up

  • You can also select the countdown before it starts clicking. Or customize various parameters.
  • When you are done with your instructions, click on the start button and place the mouse in the desired place.

iMouse click will start generating the desired number of clicks at the specific point even on another tab. You need to give it the specific key by clicking on the start button.

Benefits of using the iMouse Trick for Mac for Auto Clicking

For Mac users, it’s the best tool to be used especially when you are a pro gamer, you must have an auto clicker like this which can aid you with your games. This application provides you with multiple benefits.

The iMouse Trick for Mac is Easy to Use

From the time you think of downloading this wonderful application till using it would never let you down. You will be completely convenient throughout your installation and setups. It is lenient as it prevents your hassle from clicking, and dragging your auto clicker to another tab.

You can Get a Huge Number of Clicks

You can click hundreds to thousands of times in a second with the help of the iMouse trick. You can select as many clicks as you want. You can customize your own clicks for your specific programs.

You can Set your Time Interval between Clicks

Time interval is that specific span of time that you select among your clicks. To perform it in an efficient way, you must consider it important to have that rhythmic time lapse between the clicks. You can set a countdown timer before you start your clicking.

You can Use it on Multiple Windows

You can hide the auto clicker window. Along with that, you can auto-click on any of the tabs or windows. Pausing the clicks. Resuming it over some other windows, and multiple other such features are available to you for you iMouse trick auto clicker.

This Application is Free to Use

Most people look for affordability and efficiency while using any product or site. In the case of the iMouse trick for Mac, the software is completely free.


You don’t need to pay at the time of installation nor even to use the basic and premium-looking features, you don’t need to pay anything. This thing doesn’t affect its efficiency. It still works in the same efficient way.

Usage of iMouse Trick for Mac in Games

The most amazing usage of this application is in the games and gamers are using various auto clickers at higher level gaming. iMouse trick for Mac is a preferable choice for the gamers especially when you have been playing Minecraft. It provides you enough clicks to repeatedly click at your enemy point.

Other games that include auto-clicking phenomena are Realm grinder, cookie clicker, PUBG, and multiple such video games.


Yes, you can easily get an iMouse click on your Mac. iMouse click for Mac is specifically designed for Mac users to broaden their horizons. You can access this auto clicker easily.

There are very limited ones that want investment. Some are those which unlock their premium features only when you pay them. But most of them are completely free. the iMouse trick for Mac is one of them.

Auto clickers use very little storage and they won’t harm your device anyways. It’s completely safe to use.