Top 10 Most Popular Point and Click Games 2023

Point and click games are the fresh and established part of gaming. However, this genre got the hype of popularity in the ’90s. Also, this is opposite to the current gaming genres; point and click games are more about decision-making and solving things to get the reward. These clicker games are fresh even after 20 years of their creation.

In point-and-click games, you experience colorful characters, well-planned structure, and complicated puzzles to grab the player’s interest. Moreover, these games revolve around a story that makes it more interesting. All these features result as gamers still love them and whenever they get fed up with shooting and fighting games, choose this genre.

Here we have listed some of the best point and click games of 2023.

1. Machinarium


This is an adventure where the character Josef, a Robot, has to pass through many puzzles to move on to the next level in the city of Machinarium. Also, the player can interact with the things within the game and move them by using the point and click feature. Moreover, the character has to open maps and understand them by exploring required things to solve puzzles.


This game has original music and exciting graphics to keep the user interested. The game’s illustrations are drawn by hand with a unique concept and story. The developer of Machinarium is Amanita Design. You have to pay $9.99 once to access it for this game.
Machinarium is compatible with Microsoft Windows, Linux, OS X, Android, and PlayStation 3’s. To make the game easy, developers add hint options that help find the process of the objects. Try this game to enjoy its exciting storyline and let yourself explore new things on the map.

2. The Walking Dead

The walking dead

The walking dead is a comic inspiration and has an episodic story series to make it enjoyable. It has a fictional world and characters. Instead of puzzle solving, the main focus of this game is storytelling. Although, because of this fact, people consider it an easy match but in reality, it is a test of your decision making power. To win the game, you have to make plot changing decisions and create a stressful situation.


The developer of the walking dead is Telltale Games, and they also introduce other such story-based games. If someone has already read that comic book but still finds it interesting because of its impulsive decision-making feature. Also, people can enjoy easter eggs hidden by developers. However, the thing that makes it a bit annoying is the more extended events that can be covered quickly.

3. The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition

This game is the remake of the 1990’s adventure game “The Secret of Monkey Island”. It is a special edition with better graphics and more adventure. This was released in 2009, and at that time, only users of Phone, Microsoft Windows, and Xbox 360 could play this game. But, next year, it became available for macOS and Playstation 3.


Developers maintain the game’s originality, only improve graphics and add voice at the end of the game. But they prefer the graphics with retro filters to make sure that the user experiences the older vibes of the game. Here you can play the game with the name of Guybrush Threepwood, a pirate, and his task is to find the island of the secret monkeys.


Also, it is a puzzle game where you have to find objects, and the clues in them help you find the island. Sometimes, people find it challenging to understand the message behind the clues, and this feature makes it adventurous and full of hurdles. This can be your favorite game if you like old games.

4. The Wolf Among Us

The Wolf Among Us

The wolf among us is a highly interactive and creative game, where developers combine things to provide a feel of fairy tail yet make it highly interactive. This game takes the idea from the daily tales and then combines it with the realities of the world. The presence of snow white and little pigs gives you the vibe of Disney movies, but the wolf is the darker of the game. Also, this game provokes creativity in the gamer’s mind with the help of puzzles. Moreover, the player’s success primarily relies on the correct decision.


This game was launched in 2003, and it has five parts for a never-ending adventure. This game was compatible with Microsoft Windows, macOS, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360. To play this game, the player has to click on suspected places to find clues that help in-game proceedings. Also, he has to understand and resolve things to get to the next level.


This game provides an encyclopedia about its character that helps the player know the characters better and enhance understanding and analysis of clues according to the situation. The wolf among us is a game full of adventures, suspense, and random turns as a roller coaster of actions.

5. Grim Fandango Remastered

Grim Fandango Remastered

The original version of Grim Fandango was released in 1998 and grabbed a massive response from the gamers. The reason behind its success was the beautiful storylines with the right music and voiceover create a gaming environment. Also, these factors made it more interactive and adventurous. Moreover, this game is humorous because they add bunches and jokes to keep the surrounding light.


The Grim Fandango Remastered was launched in 2015 after the original version’s success. But this time, LucasArts, the developers of this game, adds more value in the graphics, sound and visuals to boost the user experience. Also, the new version maintains the dark humor of the older version to keep old gamers engaged.


Grim Fandango Remastered takes inspiration from Mexican culture. In this game, the players need to interact to find the objects and clues to solve the puzzle. This is a story of a dead person’s soul who wanted to escape from this world and reach his real destination with the help of players. Although it is an old game, the architecture and its humor still help the game to stand among the best point and click games.

6. Deponia


Deponia has a different theme from the classic point-and-click games. Developers made this game in 2012 by using 2D graphics and a lot of humorous dialogues. Unlike the regular point-and-click adventure game, it has ridiculous situations and surprise turns that make it both action and fun.


Also, this game provokes the players’ creativity by giving unusual situations so players can think in a new way. Moreover, it allows the players to solve a single puzzle with multiple solutions. These multiple options grab the attention of the player without making them bored.


In Deponi, the things you encounter to find the way might firstly leave you in confusion, but once you keenly observe and try to think out of the box, everything becomes clear.


Furthermore, when you disclose a level, the protagonist’s voice shares its views with some jokes that make you laugh. The unique way of the game makes it stand out from the hundreds of point-and-click games. Try this game to get a hard laugh and do some fun.

7. Please, Don’t Touch Anything

Please Don,t Touch Anything

Please, Don’t Touch Anything was a classic game that was again introduced with the same name in 2015. Bulkypix and Plug In Digital published it while developers of this game are Russian indie studio Four Quarters. In May 2015, you could play it only on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. In October 2015, it became compatible with iOS.


In this game, the player is responsible for unlocking things by decoding given instructions and guiding his colleagues. When the game starts, the player gets stuck in a room while their fellow players stay outside with a panel. To understand the settings of that panel with the instruction of please don’t touch Anything, the player has to analyze the instructions properly. Once you solve the puzzle, it makes the situation a bit clear, but each puzzle follows the multiple puzzles that are important to resolve to reach an end.


This game has multiple ending options according to your puzzle-solving method. This factor makes it distinctive from all other point and click games. Moreover, it has 3D graphic pixels to give the players an authentic gaming experience. This game is more challenging than people perceive it to be. Try this point-and-click adventure game to enjoy more than one ending from a single game.

8. Thimbleweed Park

Thimbleweed Park

Ron Gilbert and Gary Winnick are the creators of this mysterious point and click game. It was launched in 2017 but follows the name and pattern with retro filters of the old point and click game to give players a classic experience. The theme of this game is quite serious, which is a murder mystery but to lighten up the environment, developers add funny comments.


The plot of this game revolves around the search of the murderer in a town as an FBI team with three other characters. To solve the problem, you have to survey the whole city for clues. Here you get several buttons to control the character, for talking, using, and looking at things. Moreover, you get an inventory to keep clues and evidence. To complete the game, you need to think critically and watch the consequences logically to solve the given murder case.


Thimbleweed Park will be your next favorite game if you love old games and want to experience a classic game. Old-looking architecture and frequently changing situations with unrevealing facts keep the player interested in more extended gameplay.

9. Papers, Please


In this game, the immigration officers check the papers of the people who wish to visit Arstotzka, the land of dreams. Moreover, it has many other options and tools that you can use according to the demand of game difficulty. This game seems so simple, but in reality, it is a tough job, and you can understand the nature of the job by playing that role.

Papers, Please get inspiration for its environmental settings from the history of Eastern-bloc countries. Here while checking the document, you need to use serious decision power to find out whether papers are authentic or not. Moreover, sometimes you have to make emotional decisions where you find it challenging to help the passengers or take serious action to protect the country.

The name of the game perfectly complements the theme of the game. Moreover, this game makes the tedious job of an immigration officer a fun task. This game was launched in 2013 and won awards because of this unique concept. Play this game to find the complexity behind this simple looking game.

10. The Longest Journey

The Longest Journey

The longest journey has the most advanced features compared to all ’90s games because this is the last game of that time. Developers of the longest journey add some HD packs that make it equal to the modern point-and-click games. The best visuals bring it here, in the list of the best point and click games.


The storyline of this game is interesting and inspired by a fascinating world that keeps the players’ attention throughout the game. Like its name, this game has a long story with multiple puzzles that get complete as you reach a higher level. The game’s protagonist is an 18 years old art student who lives in a magical world where he has to solve the puzzles to end this game.


The developer of this game is Nowegia studio while launched on Funcom in 1999. At that time, it only worked on Windows. Later in 2014, they launched it for iOs. This is a single-player game and is available for $9.99 only.


Point and click games are pretty old genres; instead, these are opposite to the recent games like free fire, PUBG, CS, etc. Still, these games stand out because of their unique graphics and storylines. In these games, you have to explore things by looking at things, talking to strangers, and making decisions. All these things keep the players interested and engaged.


In this list, we share the top 10 points and click games with their catchy features to let you know about them. Try the game that seems interesting to you and enjoy something fresh yet a part of gaming history.