What Does Efficiency Do In Minecraft?

What Does Efficiency Do In Minecraft

Why do you need this spell? How does efficiency enchantment improve your gaming experience in Minecraft? What are the dos and don’ts of this spell? And why must you seek it? All your answers lie here.

What Is Efficiency Minecraft?

Efficiency enchantment is a spell in Minecraft that allows the gamer to speed up the mining process. It has proven to be of great assistance in mining. This spell can be applied to tools that are suitable and brought into use for mining, such as the axe, pickaxe, or shovel. To use the efficiency enchantment spell on your mining tools, you must use either of the following: 

  1. An Enchanting Table 
  2. An Anvil 
  3. Game command. 

Using them will upgrade your tools and improve the speed at which they mine for you, enhancing your gaming experience and conserving your energy and time. 

Note: This spell only applies to these objects when they are being used for mining purposes. 

Which Platforms Support Efficiency Enchantment in Minecraft?

This feature is supported by most of the platforms that host this game. The following platforms support this feature:

  • Java Edition (PC/Mac)
  • Pocket Edition (PE)
  • Xbox One
  • PS3
  • PS4
  • Wii U
  • Nintendo Switch
  • Windows 10 Edition
  • Education Edition.

Where Are You Likely To Find Efficiency Enchantment V in Minecraft?

The efficiency of Minecraft V can be found inside chests in end cities or in bastion remnants. However other than this, certain tools such as gold and stone can be combined at efficiency IV, at an anvil which can combine them and help your tool reach efficiency V. This level takes your gaming experience to a whole new extreme with this swift efficiency boost. The greater your enchantment level the faster your tool, the better your gaming experience. 

How Efficient is Efficiency V?

How Efficient is Efficiency V?

Efficiency enchantment has levels that can be achieved, with each level your mining speed increases. The levels range up to V (5). The greater your level of efficiency the faster your tool is able to mine. Therefore, efficiency V would mean the epitome of efficiency, the fastest your tool can work which is 371% faster than normal. At level 1 you will achieve 130% faster tool working, at level 2, 169%, at level 3, 220% and at level 4, your mining tool can work 286% faster than an average axe, pickaxe, or shovel.  

Hence, although it requires more time to locate or create, the efficiency enchantment spell at level V is of greater benefit than levels I-IV.

Which Items, Depending On Their Material, Should Be Enchanted?

It is always more reliable to enchant those tools with an efficiency spell that is made up of good quality material. This will not improve the working of your tool, rather increase its reliability. The sturdier your material the more its chances of lasting longer and so you will not need a quick re-enchantment of a newer tool once your old one expires. 

This is a wise way of applying both your experience and your enchantment on the right object in the right way to make it more durable.

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How To Cast a Spell? How are Enchantments Performed?

As mentioned above, there are three main ways to achieve your desired enchantment. 

  1. The first is the “Enchantment Table”. To achieve the efficiency enchantment of Minecraft, for this method you need an enchantment table and lapis lazuli. 
  2. The second method you have is the use of an “Anvil”. An Anvil is used to combine an enchanted book with an item you choose to enchant with efficiency enchantment. It requires experience points. If you desire to achieve level 4 of efficiency you must use an anvil for it. 
  3. Lastly, two enchanted objects can also be combined to achieve the efficiency enchantment. In this case, too, experience is key to determining the kind and intensity of spell you can attain. 

There are however some other ways that can prove to be helpful. Such as getting it from a villager, through fishing, killing looters, or in treasure chests.

How to Use an Efficiency Enchanted Tool?

These tools can be used after being enchanted with the efficiency enchantment Minecraft. For this, you must choose the enchanted tool from your hot bar and hold it in your hand. It is only then that your efficiency enchanted item’s spell can be brought to use, not otherwise. You will not attain the upgraded mining speed unless the tool is in your hand. 

Enchant Command in Minecraft Windows 10 Edition

  • /enchant @p efficiency 1
  • /enchant @p efficiency 2
  • /enchant @p efficiency 3
  • /enchant @p efficiency 4
  • /enchant @p efficiency 5

You can generate the Minecraft command through Minecraft Command Generator.

In What Ways Can Efficiency Minecraft (Efficiency Enchantment)Improve Your Tools?

If the tool you are using is a pickaxe, your blocks will break faster. It will decrease the amount of time that is taken for you to break them. If a diamond pickaxe has been enchanted with level V of this spell it will swipe through your stone faster than on creative. 

The speed benefit only applies if you choose the right tool for the block that is being mined.

Benefits of Enchanting Your Tools With Efficiency Enchantment.

Like stated above, efficiency minecraft, (the efficiency enchantment spell) is bound to increase the speed your tools work at. The levels of spells will take your gaming experience to a whole new level. Level V efficiency enchantment accelerated mining. 

This spell helps you utilize your time more productively, rather than spending most of it breaking blocks at a slow pace in search of diamonds. 

A Few Efficiency Minecraft Setbacks.

When you apply efficiency to a tool, it increases in its efficiency only when it comes to mining and does not apply to other uses of the tool. Hence, you can use the tool with the efficiency spell applied, only during mining. This spell cannot be enchanted on every tool rather is specific to only a few. The efficiency enchantment Minecraft is appropriate for the pickaxe, used for mining, the shovel used for digging, and the axe used in order to obtain wood from trees. However, other than these main tools, the “Scissors” and the “Sickle” can also receive this enchantment.