What Is APM In Gaming?

What is APM in Gaming

In Gaming, APM is used as an abbreviation for actions per minute. The simple definition of this term would be that it is the number of inputs done by a player per minute. The number of inputs is not determined by just how many times a player presses his keyboard or controller’s buttons, inputs are determined by moves, combats, and actions a player performs per minute.

Importance of APM

Having a high APM gives one a relative advantage against its opponent. As the player would be able to perform more actions per minute than his component, it will allow him to make progress at a better rate than his component.


There are some games in which the APM of a player plays a highly important role in determining their best player. For example, Starcraft goes way back in calculating their gamer’s APM. Many games have now developed special algorithms to get to know each player’s APM as it boosts competitive gaming. But, one thing should be kept in mind, a relatively better APM does give an upper hand but it doesn’t guarantee your win. Many players who have a low APM still manage to win either by accompanying themselves with the right kind of teammates or choosing characters whose performance doesn’t depend on a high APM.


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Improving Your APM

Improving your APM mainly requires practice. No matter how hard you try, there can be no cheat code for this one. But, the following are the areas in which more focus can eventually result in improving your APM at a relatively higher rate.


Accuracy:  While practicing, don’t give importance to the number of moves you make, but focus more on making the right move. In simple words, if you can kill your enemy by either punching him 2 times or by just kicking him once, choose the latter and move on to your next mission. Be persistent and play smarter.


Experiment: This can be termed as finding your soulmate character. Experiment with different characters until you find your match, the player you can handle the best. After finding that character, practice using only him and work on your APM. This will make you familiar with every move and at what speed you need to use it.


Fitness: Fitness here refers to your physical and mental health. For proper gaming, you should be mentally ready, obviously how well can you play with a headache? Secondly, your physical health. There should not be any kind of cramps in your hand as it’s your key asset for any type of gaming. You should be hydrated and get sufficient sleep for your mind to work in the most efficient way possible.


APM is an important factor for having an upper hand in gaming. It plays a key role in your journey from noob to pro and it’s only obtained through hard work, no shortcuts. Many factors contribute to deciding who would be the winner, but having a high APM does act as a beneficiary factor.


APM is beneficial in games that require real time strategy. In accordance with that, a good APM score is 150 actions per minute.

For a competitive gamer, APM matters a lot. If a gamer have high APM he will be able to play game at a competitive edge and score well. 

The world record of fastest actions per minute was made by Park Sung-Joon as he made 818 APM score.