What is APM or Action Per Minute?

APM or Action Per Minute

Action per minute is abbreviated as APM. It is an average rate of how quick your fingers move while playing video games. In other words, it is a test used to measure the skills and speed of a person on a keyboard. It means that APM is a key standard used to judge any player or typist. Moreover, it shows the number of activities a player can perform in one minute. 

This skills testing activity is also known as a response time test. The computer games in which this test is significant ordinarily go under the class of battling and activity games, and simple technique games, and so forth. The masters in this activity or the ones with excellent typing capabilities, new metric figures out which person can make it to the top in video games like StarCraft, StarCraft II and Warcraft.

Measuring APM

Despite the fact that APM is a known essential term for all Real Time Strategy Games, and there is no normalized calculation. Actions per minute can be estimated differently, as it depends upon actions or games that sort of actions are recorded to figure the proportion. As per rule, APM estimates any sort of order performed inside the game. This incorporates a choice of units or structures, development orders, choice and task of hotkeys and related orders. Besides, the higher a player’s APM is, the higher his capability to satisfy all vital and significant errands.


Highest APM

According to the chief administrator for the e-sports group Intel Extreme Masters, Mr Philip Hübner, Most expert players can get up to five or 500. The highest APM is estimated to be 11 actions each second. Moreover, it is determined by tallying the number of actions recorded in one moment or in a minute. APM characterizes how quick and exact you are with regards to regular gaming performance. Currently, Park Sung-Joon has made a world record of performing 818 Actions per minute.

Low and High Action per minute

The users who can perform high actions per minute usually are best video game players, or they are super capable of doing it. This quality features the expertise and ability of the player. It shows that the player or user is not only excellent at the game and realizes what to do but also that they can complete this activity and information. While on the other hand those players who are capable of performing low actions per minute are those players who are barely getting started. The players of this kind are simply bad at playing the game.

How to Increase APM?

The APM for beginners can vary between 40 to 60 APMs, while the experts can make records by taking it to 800 APM. If you are a beginner and want to improve or increase your game actions per minute, you need to work more on the keyboard and play more games like StarCraft. It will boost your typing skills and APM, for sure. StarCraft 2 is a game with the highest Actions per minute and playing it can help you increase your APM.


The quickest and highest APM considered these days is 400 to 500. Gamers may also exceed to 800 during the peak times of a game.

Accuracy is the major factor that affects the APM. Accuracy becomes majorly important with the mouse clicks and the keystrokes. More the game clicks on appropriate positions, more would be the accuracy. And, this will resultantly help the player to achieve highest actions per minute.

Yes, desktop APM test is safe to use. You can easily get to to your actions per minute without any fear of virus.