How To Figure Out My Typing Speed?

How to Figure out My Typing Speed

Those who use their laptops or computers frequently know the importance of typing, whether it’s work or playing games. For work or games, you need to have a good typing speed to get the work done. Because a good typing speed is necessary, people want to figure out typing speed to see where they stand. But the question is, how can you check your typing speed? Here to find an answer? Let’s know how to check your typing speed.

What Does Typing Speed Mean?

The typing speed is a measure of how many words you are able to type in a minute. The words per minute are the unit of measurement for your typing speed. The average speed of typing is 40 WPM, but if you want a good typing speed, you should aim for going above that. The faster your typing speed is, the quicker you can get your work done. But how can you know what your typing speed is?

How Can I Check My Typing Speed?

The manual method of calculating your typing speed is a little complex. First, you will count the entries that you typed in a minute and then divide the number by 5. This will give you the number of words that you’ve typed. So, let’s say you typed 100 characters in a minute. Your net typing speed will be 100/5/1min = 20 WPM. While this calculator can be a little hard when done manually, you have the typing speed test to help you out. 

What Is The Typing Speed Test And How Does It Work?

Our typing speed test is a special tool designed to help you calculate your typing score by calculating the number of words you can type in a minute. On the site, you are shown a passage. You have to write as much of this passage as you can and as accurately as possible in one minute. By the end of one minute, you will be shown the test results. This shows your typing speed in words per minute

So if you want to figure out what your typing speed is, you can easily take our typing speed test and get your current typing speed. 

Typing is mainly all about your muscle memory, so the key to getting better at typing is practice. You can use our typing test to practice typing and get a better typing speed. Other than, other factors also count. This includes maintaining the right finger position, having the right posture, and having the right gaming gear. In the end, it all comes down to practice. The more you practice your typing, the better you will get at it.


If you want to know how fast you can type, or what your typing speed is, our typing test tool is just what you need. Just type the given text that appears on your screen and our tool will calculate the typing speed for you. Try it out today, if you haven’t yet already.