Top 5 Best Mouse for Drag Clicking 2023

If you’re a gamer, we’re sure you have an idea about the significant role of a good gaming mouse; the better your gaming mouse, the better your performance. Some games like Minecraft may work better when you have a drag-clicking mouse because the high CPS required in the game cannot be achieved with a regular mouse. A good drag-clicking mouse has a faster registration of clicks, better DPI, extra functional buttons, and improved features for gameplay.
Selecting a good gaming mouse for drag-clicking is difficult because of the diverse range of options available today. Continue reading further if you’re also searching for the best drag-clicking mouse.

What is Drag Clicking?

Drag clicking is a unique style of clicking used for increasing click speed. With this method, the user slides the finger seamlessly across the mouse button to generate multiple clicks per second, translating to more clicks performed. However, the technique is a little hard to master, so keep practicing until you get there. The drag-clicking method is convenient for achieving a high CPS score to gain a competitive advantage over other gamers. Minecraft is one game where drag-clicking can be beneficial to break or build objects with quick clicking.

How to Drag Click?

Before you drag-click with your drag-clicking mouse, clean and dry your hands. Make sure your mouse surface is clean and free from dust. Sweat and dust may minimize friction between the mouse button and fingers, reducing drag-click efficiency. Now, grip your mouse as you usually do and rest your thumb on the mouse’s left side. Grasp the right mouse side with your little finger. Keep your index finger on the mouse’s left button and the middle finger on the right one. Now glide your fingertips across the mouse button edge. While keeping your wrist comfortable, flick your mouse button downward to register a drag click. Make sure to apply gentle pressure only to hear the hissing sound. You will also experience a slight vibration as you are drag-clicking. An online tool is the best way to check if your drag clicks are working.

Short vs. Long Drag Click

While some gaming mice support drag-clicking, not every mouse is designed for drag-clicking. If you use a regular mouse, it may stop working within a few months. Drag-clicking with a standard mouse can harm switches and shorten their lifespan. You may damage the mouse if you don’t know how to drag-click. 


A drag-clicking mouse needs a grippy, matte surface with a durable set of switches to stand the pressure. Hence, it’s always best to go with an excellent drag-clicking mouse to get the best results without damaging your device.

How Much is a Drag-Clicking Mouse?

Today, there is an excellent variety of drag-clicking mice available. The best thing about this is finding one that matches your budget. The costs of drag-clicking mice vary tremendously, sometimes at the two extreme ends. Yet, on a lighter note, you’ll find a lot of drag-clicking mice that fall within your budget. You can explore some of the best drag-clicking mouse options here.

Best Mouse for Drag Clicking: Product Reviews

Are you looking for the best drag-clicking mice for gaming? You don’t need to look any further. We’ve narrowed your options by enlisting the five best and fastest drag-clicking mouse options.

Redragon M711 Cobra

If you ask most gamers, they’ll tell you that the best redragon mouse for drag-clicking is one of the unique options. Being a relatively inexpensive mouse, the mouse supports a matte grip to help you easily drag-click. Moreover, it supports an adjustable DPI option to select the DPI per your need. Talking about aesthetics, Redragon M711 Cobra comes with vibrant LED lights that light up your game. The build quality of the mouse is excellent.


Moreover, it also supports programmable buttons and straightforward software. The TEFLON feet are pretty smooth, and the mouse’s ergonomic design makes it suitable for long and intense gaming sessions.

  • Programmable buttons and convenient software
  • Beautiful RGB lights for aesthetics 
  • Smooth TEFLON feet for easy movement 
  • Supports high-priced features in an affordable price range
  • Ergonomic built and design suitable for long gaming sessions
  • Adjustable DPI 
  • Not ideal for small hands
  • Not the best mid-range sensor 



  • Minimalistic frame design.
  • Durable and reliable Cherry MX switches.
  • Three different positions: half, folded in, and fully extended for easy handling.
  • Long-lasting and durable PBT double-shot keycaps.
  • Slim and beautiful design.
  • Audible and tactile keys.
  • Durable signal stability and long lifespan.


  • No backlighting.

ROCCAT ROC-11-730 Kone is one of the best roccat drag-clicking mouse for small hands with its lightweight and ergonomic build. What separates this mouse from the others is its lightweight and affordable price. This mouse is an excellent choice if you’re up for something simple yet functional. The ergonomics make the mouse very comfortable and easy for most people, yet some may need a little time to adjust to its shape. 


With its 16,000 DPI, ROCCAT Pure Ultra is perfect for tracking and aiming with ultimate precision. Moreover, it also supports a unique dirt-resistant coating for easier cleaning. It has a 2D Titan wheel with improved mechanics. The extra-large mouse feet offer a good grip, and the flexible cable makes it easier to move the mouse around. If you’re a hardcore gamer searching for a high-value and performance drag-clicking mouse, this one is the best for you! 



  • Keypresses are a little loud.
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Well-performing sensor
  • Affordable 
  • 16,000 DPU for ultimate precision 
  • Improved click dynamics
  • Flexible and thin cable 
  • Simplistic design with no compromise on essential features
  • Not suited for larger hands
  • Default lights are very bright 
  • May get fingerprints on the surface

When it comes to selecting the best gaming mice, Glorious gaming mice cannot be missed out. This model D mouse is the best glorious mouse for drag-clicking because it supports a feather-light weight design with a unique comb shell that adds to the aesthetics. The lightweight of the mouse adds to its durable power and fantastic gaming performance. While the holes aren’t very noticeable, they allow the air to flow, letting your hands stay fresh and relaxed as you play. 


The Glorious skates are 100% PTFE virgin-free, giving you the perfect glide. The e-sport customization features include RGB lighting, a reasonable polling rate, six customizable macro-support buttons, and a 6-step DPI. the mouse cable is also pretty flexible with a bungee design for superior drag-clicking performance. With this mouse, you can customize your gaming experience! 


  • Maximum productivity with minimum sound.
  • Silent operation mechanical switches.
  • 80 million durable clicks.
  • Ergonomically design comfortable, cushioned keycaps.
  • Soft, cushioned wrist support.
  • Connect up to 4 devices with Bluetooth easily.
  • Wireless connectivity reduces clutter on the desk.


  • Clicky and loud.
  • Lightweight and comfortable 
  • RGB lighting for aesthetics
  • Unique comb shell design to allow air to flow
  • Dedicated DPI indicator
  • Perfect glides with Glorious skates
  • Reasonable polling rate and macro-support buttons
  • Flexible bungee design for good drag performance 
  • Low-profile design and shape
  • Onboard memory not supported

Razer, as we already know, is a leading brand when it comes to gaming gear, and the Deathadder series is specifically designed to meet the needs of gamers. Razer Deathadder Elite is one of the best gaming mice for drag-clicking with its top-notch features. With a palm-grip design and matte black finish, you won’t have to spend a lot of energy learning to grip and use the mouse. What is interesting is the texture of the mouse and its scroll wheel. Its 16,000 DPI sensor supports a 450-inch/second tracking performance. The durable Razer Deathadder Elite mechanical switches are designed for 50 million clicks. 



With its perfect ergonomics and seven programmable buttons, Deathadder Elite offers more than just what you need in an excellent drag-clicking mouse; a streamlined, simple gaming experience. Besides its features, the mouse is also one of the most beautiful on the market. Moreover, the build quality is superior and suited for more hand grips


  • Split-keyset design gives wrists and forearms a relaxed, natural position.
  • Cushioned palm rest offers a neutral rest position.
  • Separate number keyboard for better flexibility in a workplace setting.
  • Easy to set up and use.
  • Supports several options for customization.
  • Wireless connection for easy use.


  • No backlighting.
  • Bit noisy.
  • Razer Chroma lighting
  • Perfect ergonomics
  • Extremely comfortable 
  • 16,000 DPI with a 450-inch tracking precision 
  • Durable mechanical switches support up to 50 million clicks 
  • Superior ergonomics
  • Not suited for left-hand users
  • Lesser programmable buttons 
  • Onboard memory not supported 

Logitech G303 is another excellent Logitech drag-clicking mouse known for its excellence. With a design similar to G302, it’s a super creative and beautiful shape that attracts most gamers, making it a selling point. The diamond, the super-thin shape of the mouse, is gorgeous. With its phenomenal and easy-to-use software, you can customize the mouse settings, including the sensitivity, DPI, and patterns. Moreover, it supports a metal spring tensioning system so you can note the change in the clicks. 


This super-responsive mouse offers swift drag-clicking motions. The RGB lighting adds to the beautiful aesthetics. You can also adjust the lights just as you like them. With its premium features and aesthetic looks, the Logitech G303 is one of the most premium and excellent gaming mice for drag-clicking. The auto-detect feature of this mouse adjusts the sensitivity according to the existing surface. Overall, if we consider the Logitech G300 series, G303 is a suitable upgrade and worth the price! 


  • The ergonomic split-key design gives your hand a natural, relaxed position.
  • Tactile keystrokes reduce pressure, making typing more comfortable.
  • The simple plug-and-play feature lets you plugin and use.
  • Ergonomic split design gives a newer, improved way of typing.
  • Durable laser printing keys makes it suitable for intense, all-day typing.
  • 7 multimedia hotkeys make it easy to switch in different scenarios.


  • Difficult to understand the working of the keyboard at first.
  • Amazing built-quality
  • Good RGB lighting 
  • High IPS and DPI
  • Multiple programming buttons
  • 12,000 DPI 
  • 6-programmable buttons to set macros 
  • Ambidextrous design with a unique diamond shape
  • Pretty expensive
  • A little on the heavier side

Things to Consider Before Buying a Mouse for Drag Clicking

While most mice support drag clicking, gaming mice explicitly designed for drag-clicking are, without a doubt, better suited for the task. The quality, build, switches, weight, DPI, and polling rate are some of the factors that can affect your gaming performance. We’ll help you explore the features of the best gaming mouse for drag-clicking. Let’s not keep you waiting.

1. Your Budget

One of the things you must consider before even thinking of getting a drag-clicking mouse is your budget. You wouldn’t want to end up overspending on a mouse. Since these are available in a vast price range, you can select the one that fulfills your needs while fighting your budget.

2. The Weight of the Mouse

The weight of the drag-clicking mouse affects your drag-clicking performance significantly. The lighter your mouse is, the better you’ll be able to perform, thereby dragging it across quickly.

3. Programmable Keys

Another feature most gamers want in an excellent drag-clicking mouse is the programable kets. Some gaming mice support programmable keys that you can use to assign any function to a specific key using the software. With programmable keys, you can conveniently assign critical shortcuts to play your games more efficiently.

4. Mouse DPI

The DPI of your mouse also has a significant part to play in your mouse sensitivity. A higher DPI allows your mouse to perform better. It’s suggested to get a mouse with an adjustable DPU, so you can switch between higher and lower DPIs as needed.

5. Polling Rate

Another factor to consider is the mouse polling rate. Polling rate refers to the responsiveness of your mouse. Most gaming mice have reasonable polling rates, so you wouldn’t need to worry about that, yet select one that suits your needs best.

6. Switches

Drag-clicking mice usually support magnetic switches for durability. Yet, others may have mechanical keys. Well, you need to choose the ones that match your needs. The best option is mechanical keys if you need to click the keys fast. If you aren’t a hardcore gamer, magnetic switches will do just fine.

7. Multi-Device Pairing

Hardcore gamers spend a lot of time gaming, so the feature of multi-device pairing is more than just a need for them. Multi-device pairing is suitable for hardcore gamers as they can switch between devices without disconnecting the mouse.

8. Connectivity

Which mouse connectivity you prefer depends entirely on your needs. While some gamers prefer a wired mouse, others find a wireless gaming mouse more practical to get rid of the wires. Suppose you don’t want your mouse to stop and run out of battery suddenly; best to go for a wired one. If you want freedom from wires, there’s no better option than a wireless mouse. Alternatively, a convenient option is a hybrid mouse that supports both options.

9. Cord Length or Battery Life

If you’re buying a wireless mouse, don’t forget to check the battery life. The longer the battery life of the mouse, the longer you can play without charging your mouse. Alternatively, consider the cord length if you’re using a wired mouse. It should be enough to let you move your hand around with ease.

10. RGB Lightning

While RGB lightning hasn’t much to do with performance, it tends to be an exclusive feature that interests gamers. If you also want to enjoy your games with a little twist, invest in a drag-clicking mouse with RGB lights.

11. Grip and Shape

Since drag clicking works with a palm grip, fingertip or claw grips can become very uncomfortable. Sometimes, you cannot even perform drag-clicking with these mice. So, make sure to get a palm grip mouse for drag-clicking.

The mouse shape is a little personal choice, but it can affect the performance of drag-clicking. The better the mouse fits your hand, the easier it will be to drag-click.


Drag-clicking is a fantastic way to boost your CPS and improve gaming performance. Yet, don’t forget that you’ll need an excellent drag-clicking gaming mouse and plenty of practice to get there. Above, we have covered a comprehensive guide on drag-clicking along with the best gaming mice available on the market. We hope it proves beneficial in your search for the best drag-clicking mouse!


Regardless of the mouse you use, drag-clicking can prove to be harmful to your mouse. If you choose a drag-clicking mouse, it's more likely to last longer than a regular mouse for drag-clicking.

For drag-clicking, you need to hold your mouse as you usually do with your thumb on the left mouse side and the little/ring finger holding the right end.

While drag-clicking, you'll want to keep your mouse steady by holding onto it with your pinky and thumb. Hold it with enough force, so it doesn't move as you click. Make sure to position your hands accurately.

As per Google results, 14.1 CPS is the highest score, yet if you're asking about drag-clicking, this number may go as high as 32 CPS or more. Nevertheless, gamers, on average, have a CPS of 6.51, so keep trying harder to achieve your goals and a better drag-click score.

Drag clicking with your finger may not be the best approach so try to apply lesser pressure to reduce friction between the click and your finger. Try cleaning the click surface to ensure it isn't sticky. The texture may affect your performance as well.

Pictek gaming mouse is a good option for drag-clicking because it offers a high DPI and better accuracy. You can also use it conveniently for double-clicking.


Many gaming mice available in the market are suitable for drag-clicking. The bloody A70 Light Strike gaming mouse is great for achieving a high CPS score of 40-48CPS with drag-clicking. The mouse is large and weighs 145 grams, increasing the potential to achieve a higher CPS score. 


With a 6,400DPI sensor and 0.2ms click response, the mouse supports 7 programmable keys that you can assign functions. The optical switch of bloody a7 is high-speed and accurate, giving a reliable and quick response in your games. The low response rate ensures quick and immediate actions in your games so you can win them. 


With reliable standards of speed and accuracy and a durable design, the Bloody A70 is a fantastic mouse for drag-clicking, giving you an ultimate edge in your gameplay. Play your games with Bloody A70. You will notice a significant improvement in drag-clicking, and the CPS will also improve. Regarding drag-clicking, A70 is a perfect, reliable, and durable mouse, and you can get it online or from stores.