Clicker Heroes Auto Clicker

Clicker Heroes Auto Clicker

Clicker Heroes Auto Clicker

Clicker Heroes Auto Clicker

Without an auto clicker is it possible to win a clicker heroes game? Why is the auto clicker tool considered important for such games? There are so many games that require an auto clicker. For the players, it is essential to understand the auto-clicking tool. This tool helps to enhance the click power of the player’s hand so that he may make more hits to win the game. Clicker Heroes is not a new word for gamers. It is an idle game but most famous among the players due to its attractive theme, gadgets, and gifts. 

For the gamers who love to play clicker heroes, it is important to have the best clicking power so that the player can hit the enemies to kill them. The main goal of the game is to get an ancient soul. You can say that this tool is the basic gadget as it helps the players to make more hits for killing hinders coming in their way. Let’s have a look at what clicker heroes auto clicker and how do we use it in the game.

What is a Clicker Heroes Auto Clicker?

Auto clicker is a software or macro that automates the clicking of the mouse of the keypad on the computer screen via fingers. It involves the use of a physical mouse and runs the program on the computer only after pressing the mouse button. Most of the auto clickers auto-play after touching/ clicking the screen via fingers. 

What is a clicker heroes auto clicker?

Most of the clickers are designed only for running one program and most of them are used for multiple programs. It is an automated software program with certain features that show the same response as a keyboard. 

When we talk about the auto clickers of clicker heroes game, this clicker also works like that of other clickers and has the same impact. 

How Does Auto Clicker in Clicker Heroes Work?

In the clicker heroes game, the player has to kill the enemies to collect more and more gold and rubies. These dropped golds are used to purchase characters. The player has to kill a specific number of enemies to get to the next level. At this point, auto clickers are used to kill the enemies and are bought from the rubies shop.
The auto clicker is dragged from the right icon of the screen, where it shows the number of clickers you have. Wherever you want to click you need to collect it from there. The area that requires a clicker attack shows a yellow outline. The auto clicker will enhance the click rate by over 60 clicks per second. You can also use the auto clicker for the skill button, “buy available upgrades” button, or hero level button. 

How does auto clicker in clicker heroes work?

When the auto clicker will hover any of these buttons a pop-up line or yellow highlight will appear. When we use an auto clicker, the graphics of the hand appear along with the sign of X. Keep in mind the only usable part id X and hand is only decoration while in the background the target is applying 10cps to itself. So if you want to remove the clicker you have to apply on the X.

This varies depending on the playing style. This may include TNT, flint and steel, a bow and arrows, or a sword. It’s a good idea to have multiple buckets of lava on hand because they can deal a lot of damage easily. Flint and steel may also be used.

Cost of Auto Clicker

The cost formula if auto clicker is as follows;
100 + (50*n); n= number of the auto clickers bought
For total;
1000n+500n (n-1)/2
it means if n=1, then auto clickers cost for PC is 150, and that of mobiles is 1500.

Importance of the Auto Clicker in Clicker Heroes

It is the major tool for attacking and shooting the rival automatically and is also used for enhancing the number of clicks per second. It forces the target to click on itself rather than clicking by the other source. It also helps boost up to the next level by clicking on the idle bonuses achieved in the game.

Importance of the Auto Clicker in Clicker Heroes

The skin gives one free auto clicker, and every gained auto clicker has its random skin from the skins the player is having. You can earn the skin from the event or can also purchase it. The auto clicker makes mid to late games easier for idle gameplay. At the enemy level, you can easily manage the hero leveling or can switch to the hybrid game-play as well.

For the hybrid players who have succeeded to the hero level, an auto clicker helps to switch on the auto-attacking and if you have then you can easily use one for hero level and the other for Nogardnit’s bonus. The auto clicker has low CPU usage. The latest versions are usually free from viruses and malware

Latest Version of Auto Clicker

The latest version of the auto clicker is OP auto clicker 3.0 that is available for all other games also such as Minecraft, Roblox, and many others. This latest version is the fastest auto clicker. The last stable version was 2.1, but it lacks some features. The latest one is updated and is best for clicking games.

If you are the player of Roblox, you may like to know about Roblox auto clicker.

How to Install an Auto Clicker for Clicker Heroes?

This software is very easy to install. You can use the following steps to install this tool.
If you want to install the latest version of the auto clicker on the Windows PC,

  • First of all, install a blue sack.
  • After this, open the play store and download the latest version of the OP auto clicker by clicking on the download option.

Download Auto Clicker:

  • You can also click on the above option.
  • Now open it and set the precursor on the specific location where you want to make changes.
  • Now set the clicking rate of the auto clicker.
OP Auto Clicker
  • Choose the clicking method; left or right mouse clicking
  • Choose the click type; single, double, or triple
  • Set the hotkeys that work in the background
Hot Key Setting in OP Auto Clicker
  • Set the time interval for each click in between milliseconds to up to hours
  • Choose the current location.You can also set the new location on the screen
  • After making all the arrangements, press on the hotkey that you have selected for it or click on the stop button.


The best way is to get auto clickers from the skin. Each skin gives one free auto clicker, and you can purchase it by the stream or earn it from events.

No, auto clickers don’t work offline. So you must have a stable connection for using auto clickers in your game.

Op auto clicker is the best one for all-purpose, and mouse clicker is the best option for gaming purposes.

It is based upon a spinoff of Playsaurus's earlier game Cloudstone, and you can play it for free.

The players have made up to 10,000 levels.

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