How Do You Get DEV Tools in Cookie Clicker?

Our technological world has forced us to stay in front of our screens the entire day. While most people use these devices for work, taking a break and enjoying some games is never wrong. Today, many gamers worldwide participate in simple yet addictive games like cookie clickers. 


What was launched as a simple game has not become a web addiction for most people who believe that game to be very addictive. This game is available online, so you don’t need to download it. The exciting thing about the cookie clicker is that you have many cheats and hacks to improve the gaming experience. You can get DEV tools in the cookie clicker as well. Let’s learn how to!

What is Cookie Clicker and How to Play the Game?

Cookie Clicker

Cookie clicker is a very interesting browser-based game that keeps most gamers engaged. Not just engaged, but rather addictive. In the game, you need to make cookies for the world. As you keep playing, the game gets more and more interesting. 


In the game, you can earn cookies in many ways. Using these cookies, you can get upgrades and make new buildings. There are several ways to acquire cookies. The simplest way is to keep clicking on the big cookie on the interface. You can also create new buildings, each creating a specific cookie number in a second. While you can’t access the buildings at the start, you will be able to use them later as you go ahead in the game. Another way to earn cookies is to improve your cookie store efficiency by getting upgrades. 

Steps to Get Cookie Clicker DEV Tools

To get the DEV cookie clicker tools, follow the steps below.

  • Go to steam/apps/common/Cookie Clicker/resources/app. This is an example of the path for your installed game. Right-click on the game to open it.
  • Visit the steam library and select the option “browse local files.”
  • Then locate “start.js.”
  • You can use any editor here. Right-click, then go to Open with and then select the desired program. 
  • While the regular notepad works fine, Notepad ++ is a good choice. 
  • When the file opens, select line 11 and change the 0 after “DEV=” to 1. 

Cookie Clicker Dev Tool Code

  • Save the edited file. Now relaunch the game. 
  • Now, a new line appears on the screen’s top. On a console, it’ll be at the left end.
Cookie Clicker Dev Tool Implementation
That’s all. Now you are all ready to use DEV tools in the cookie clicker. Enjoy your game in the best way possible! 

Final Words

Above, we have covered a guide about getting DEV tools in the fantastic and addictive game, cookie clicker. These little hacks and cheats make the game more interesting and help users get an interesting gaming experience. If you’re up for it, give it a try and see it for yourself! We hope you have fun playing the cookie clicker game!


The hack name for cookie clicker 2022 is " Says open sesame". 

The open sesame access enables the multiple helpful features that are more efficient as compared to the classic cookie clicker.