How to Make Green Dye in Minecraft without Cactus?

How to Make Green Dye in Minecraft

Minecraft is one of the most popular games in the gaming world today. If you are a gamer, we are sure you must’ve heard about Minecraft, even if you haven’t played it yourself. This innovative and creative game requires gamers to create their world. One of the many things that gamers craft in the game is different colored dyes. While there are multiple dyes that you can make in Minecraft, we will focus on how to make a green cactus dye. Although it is usually made with a cactus, there is another way to make it without cactus.

Let us explain both methods to you.

How to Make Green Dye with Cactus in Minecraft?

Follow these simple steps to make green dye with a cactus.

  1. First, you have to find a cactus plant. You can find one in the wild in biomes like Desert or Mesa. Break this cactus into smaller pieces and collect them very quickly. Your broken cactus blocks will appear in the Hotbar. 
  2. To craft your green dye, next open the furnace. The furnace menu will appear on your screen.
  3. Now you will have to add some fuel into the furnace to make it work. Even though there is no specific requirement of fuel type, the most popularly used fuel is coal. Place your fuel in the lower box. 
  4. After you have added the fuel, put your cactus in the upper box. Once you see flames, that means your material is being cooked. Let this process end.
  5. When the process is completed, you will see the green dye appear in the third box on the right side. 
  6. Once your green dye is ready, simply store it by placing it in the inventory.
  7. Now your dye is ready. You can easily use it whenever needed. 
  8. You can use this dye for staining materials like glass, leather, or armors, apply it to sheep, create a firework start, decorate banners, dye water, or change your tamed wolf’s collar color.
Making of Green Dye in Minecraft

How to Get Green Dye in Minecraft Without a Cactus?

The process of making a green dye in Minecraft involves the use of cactus. So, if you don’t have cactus, you can’t make green dye in Minecraft. However, there is another method to get the green dye.

You can buy three pieces of green dye from any wandering trader in exchange for one emerald. While the chance is slight, sometimes players can be lucky enough to get 12 pieces of green dye from any expert-level shepherd village in exchange for one emerald.


That’s all you have to do to make the green dye in Minecraft. By following these simple steps above, you will be able to craft your own green dyes and use them in the game as you wish. While most players use the cactus method to make the green dye when they have cactus, the other method of buying the green dye can also be used if you don’t have the cactus. You can choose to get your dye in whatever way you prefer!

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The requirements to make green dye is cactus. By smelting a cactus you will get a green dye. 

Yes, it you want to achieve a green color then you can mix yellow and blue color. This combination will help you to use green color.