How To Practice Butterfly Clicking?

How to practice butterfly clicking?

Butterfly clicking is the latest clicking technique that gamers are using to improve their clicking speed and also their performance. If you want to increase your clicks per second rate so you can achieve the highest score, then you must try this technique. 

It is highly recommended to click mode because your second finger stays free in other types, while here, you can use that idle finger to increase your clicking rate. For games like Minecraft, Roblox, Freefire, etc., this is a suitable clicking mode because the fastest clicking is vital to win these games. 

However, it is quite similar to jitter clicking, but butterfly clicking is a more precise and controlled way of clicking. To get the highest speed, it is important to practice more often to break clicking records. 

For checking progress, you can take a Butterfly click test for stressless practice.

How to Do Butterfly Clicking?

This is the simplest and easiest way to generate maximum clicks with full control. Follow these steps to learn how to do butterfly clicking.

  • Gripping styles matter in clicking and vary as you change the clicking type. For butterfly clicking, a palm grip is the most suitable grip. However, if you are comfortable with other types, you can go with that. 
  • Now hold your mouse and keep both fingers on a single button. Start clicking your mouse with your two fingers, one after another, in a butterfly manner. You have to click with one finger while your other finger stays in the air and then hit with the other while keeping your first finger in the air. 
  • Try this repeatedly to increase your clicking speed, and don’t get disappointed in the start because it is vital in goal achievement.

Butterfly Click Test

The butterfly click test is the best option to improve your clicking speed. Because when you practice on this tool, you can experience the following results

  • Instant clicking results help you to evaluate your progress on the spot.
  • You can use this tool as a game and chase the highest clicking speed more than others. You can play this with your friends and family.
  • The butterfly clicking test is the right platform for practice without fear of getting killed and increasing your speed so you can perform on battlefields to win. 

How to Practice Butterfly Clicking?

Follow these steps to practice butterfly clicking. 

  • To start this game, you don’t need to press the start key. When you want to start the test, you can start it directly. 
  • Keep the mouse on the rectangle area and start clicking faster.
  • It is recommended to use a 10-sec timer for precise evaluation. 
  • Keep clicking with full focus until the time ends. Then check your CPS
  • You can play it again and again without any limit. 

Butterfly clicking is the right option to practice this clicking mode. Butterfly clicking is the safest option, you can increase CPS without getting muscle damage because of intensive clicking. Now, it’s time to practice it to enhance your clicking speed and take it to the next level.