Is the Bloody a70 Good for Drag Clicking?

Is the Bloody a70 Good for Drag Clicking (1)

If you’re a gamer, we are sure you know the importance of a good gaming mouse. Especially if you’re playing a game where you need a high CPS score. Different clicking techniques, drag, butterfly, kohi, and jitter clicking, can help achieve a high CPS score.

Well, with a regular mouse, you cannot achieve the highest CPS using the drag clicking technique. So, you’d need a drag-clicking mouse. Amongst the many gaming mice suitable for drag-clicking, the bloody a70 seems to be a popular choice.

Is this a good mouse for drag clicking? Let’s find out.

What is Drag Clicking?

The method of drag clicking is much like what it sounds. Drag clicking involves dragging the fingers forcefully across the right or left mouse buttons to record more clicks. Also known as Frazer or tap clicking, the technique uses the friction builds up between the fingers and the mouse button to register more clicks. You can always learn drag-clicking if you wish to get a better score in your games.

Is Bloody a70 a Good Mouse for Drag Clicking?

Bloody A70 Mouse

Many gaming mice available in the market are suitable for drag clicking. The bloody A70 Light Strike gaming mouse is a great mouse to achieve a high CPS score of 40-48CPS with drag clicking. The mouse is large and weighs 145 grams, increasing the potential to achieve a higher CPS score. 

With a 6,400DPI sensor and 0.2ms click response, the mouse supports 7 programmable keys that you can assign functions. The optical switch of bloody a7 is very fast and accurate, giving a reliable and quick response in your games. The low response rate ensures quick and immediate actions in your games so you can win them. 

The design of the gaming mouse is much like the other versions, supporting RGB colors on the surface. The mouse is designed to be reasonably heavy because this offers the advantage of being used efficiently and quickly for drag clicking. 

With reliable standards of speed and accuracy and a durable design, the Bloody A70 is a fantastic mouse for drag clicking, giving you an ultimate edge in your gameplay. Play your games with Bloody A70. You will notice a significant improvement in drag clicking, and the CPS will also improve. When it comes to drag-clicking, A70 is a perfect, reliable, and durable mouse, and you can get it online or from stores.


When it comes to achieving a high CPS score, regular clicking isn’t always enough. You may want to try out other techniques like drag clicking. But you cannot drag click properly without the right gaming mouse at hand. The bloody A70 gaming mouse is an excellent choice for drag clicking. The best thing about this mouse is its big size which gives a greater drag click distance, allowing you to achieve a high CPS score.