How many Clicks Per Second is Good for PVP?

How many clicks per second is good for PVP

There are multiple misconceptions about the number of clicks in Minecraft and other games that you must consider before going to take the final steps. You might be wondering how many clicks per second is good for PVP. There are a few factors that will determine the number of clicks you need to survive in any battle. The speed at which your character moves, the time it takes for your character’s skills to activate and the distance between you and your enemy all contribute to determining how many clicks per second is required. Keep reading this blog post and find out more about what affects click rate in PVP!


There are several factors that may you good at minecraft pvpNormally, In Minecraft, you can perform 2 clicks per second and even after putting in so much effort, you can’t exceed the numbers more than two/second.

Minecraft PVP

It’s not about how many times you click, it is more about the accuracy with which you do so. If I were to click at something using a gaming mouse to increase clicks per second, then technically focusing continuously should be just as effective as stopping in between each button click? Well actually no because it will take longer for me to kill your enemy in Minecraft.

Now, you can calculate the other factors for your understanding while keeping all the other factors as well.

High CPS does make up for low accuracy but high accuracy can mean lower cps and still win out over someone who has higher CPs but doesn’t hit their targets effectively. It means when you click 1-3 times in every second, the overall effect will not be shown.

Slow Clicking Speed

Click speed is the key to successful chases as clicking matters in Minecraft. If you don’t have enough clicks and packets, your opponent will catch up easily because of their high click-to-hit ratio!

You need fast clicking fingers for PvP games. So, make sure that every time you click on top there’s at least 3 seconds between them doing it as well as when you’re sending those packets out from our end (5 secs) otherwise people can easily beat us into chasing after them then get away without making an attempt at all. The most important thing you need in this game is fast-clicking fingers!

Moderate CPS

When you’re playing a video game like Minecraft, where you can easily come up to 20 times more clicks than your opponent or enemy. When you click 4- 7 times per second then you’re doing the best way of performing well against PvP games. But breaks are important for gamers with limited hand movement capabilities such as you who suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome caused by rapid removal every few seconds due to only having two hands available at all times rather than using both wrist’s independent movements similar.


This may affect your wrist and restrict hand movements. So, avoid putting yourself with this fast.

Standard High CPS

If you’re a casual or professional gamer, it’s worth noting that there are different speeds of clicking. When you do 8-12 CPS, it will increase your clicking speed but you can miss your actual target. Slow clicks speed will allow for more time between each click and give an extra half-second to react if necessary while fast-clicking can be quicker but requires greater accuracy with the aim as errors at higher rates may result in missed shots all together!


But in the end, you can go for this slightly fast speed clicking, but practice is the most important factor to beat the inaccuracy.

Extremely Fast CPS

A lot of people think click speed means how fast you can click, but this is not true. It’s more complicated than that and it has to do with aiming well while clicking like a madman or having an advantage over others in-game because your aim will be better due to being faster at going through the motions on screen! Now here are some examples:

If you achieve 14+ CPS, then chances are there when you mishandle your targets and this action may damage your accuracy in the games.

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Final Verdict

So, 1-2 clicks per second are good for PVP which can meet the games’ requirements. As you fight another player on Minecraft PvP and click fast, your sprint will break. But almost immediately after re-engaging it thanks to the sprint key! When you begin spamming clicks as fast as possible with this sort of technique while holding back by 8 blocks or more than adding in some delayed “hits” from other attacks that are coming at you. You may find yourself pulling away from them really quickly because space becomes an issue for both players engaged in PvP.