Minecraft Color Codes

Minecraft is a famous sandbox 3D video game that is considered one of the best influential games ever recorded in history. Players are given the freedom to use 3D blocks to create their world. This game encourages and stimulates one’s creativity because there are no specific restrictions or goals. The game is built around the creative tasks of exploring, examining, crafting, and then combating.


Widely played around the world, Minecraft offers its players customization of the entire gaming experience. This customization is essential for a great gaming experience, and we are sure that all Minecraft players will agree with us on this! Get to know more about Minecraft and its color codes right here!


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Minecraft Color Code Generator

As there are so many color codes that can be used on Minecraft, it becomes difficult to manage, especially when players are fighting intense games. The Minecraft color code generator is a simple tool that helps eliminates the need to memorize any color codes. With this tool, gamers are free to make colored and pre-formatted texts within a few clicks. So, this works as a Minecraft color code tester, allowing players to check the color codes without actually sending messages time and again.

Minecraft Color Codes and Chart

Because customization of the player’s gaming experience is essential, color codes Minecraft are designed to help players change, modify, and improve their in-game text color for different things like game commands, chat messages, as well as team colors. Simply said, color codes and formatting allow the addition of style and color to the in-game text, giving gamers their favorite customizations. You will find a Minecraft color chart displaying all the color codes for the game.

List Of Minecraft Color Codes



Chat Code

Motd Code

Hex Code

Black (black)




Dark Blue (dark_blue)




Dark Green (dark_green)




Dark Aqua (dark_aqua)




Dark Red (dark_red)




Dark Purple (dark_purple)




Gold (gold)




Gray (gray)




Dark Gray (dark_gray)




Blue (blue)




Green (green)




Aqua (aqua)




Red (red)




Light Purple (light_purple)




Yellow (yellow)




White (white)




Formatting Perimeters

Other than changing the text colors, within the game, Minecraft formatting codes allow players to format the game chat with different styles for the font. Some examples of these formatting are Bold, Italic, underline, and strikethrough.  These four formatting codes are usually the ones that are used for styling the Minecraft text, working both for the MOTD text as well as for the chat text. These Minecraft formatting codes are used in the same way as Minecraft color code work.


Based on the preference of the players, these format codes are a very beneficial way to differ the game commands and the chat text. If players want to change the Minecraft colors and format simultaneously, it’s better to change the color code before and the formatting code later because the wrong order can mess up the format. 

List Of Formatting Perimeters


Chat Code

Motd Code


























Use Of Color Codes.

Minecraft color codes are one of the ways in which the game gives players the freedom to customize the game according to their choice. While changing the text colors of the game does not directly affect anything, it does give players an enjoyable gaming experience with their favorite color displays. These customizations do have a great part to play in one’s gaming experience as it makes it more attractive for the users. 

Players can use Minecraft color codes to change the game text color, assign teams different colors, and customize the dyed leather armor color in their game. 

How To Type In Minecraft?

To open up a chat in Minecraft, the “T’ button is set as the default. When the player clicks the “T” button, the chat window will open and then the message can be typed. When the player is done typing the message, simply click the “enter” button. By doing this, the message appears in the chat channel. 

How To Make Colored Text In Minecraft?

The way to make a text colored in Minecraft is a simple process. Minecraft permits the players to customize their in-game chat with 16 color codes. After you enter these colors, the text color changes. The simple process is given below. 

  1. Open up the command block using this command: /give {PLAYER_NAME} minecraft:command_block
  2. In the command block, paste this command: /tellraw @a {“text”:”Your text here”,”color”:”green”}
  3. This will give you a green-colored text because the color defined is green. You can find the complete color guide, and then add the color you want ahead of “color”: in the command above.

Why do Users Prefer Minecraft Color Codes?

Minecraft color codes are a great way to update and customize your game with the colors and format of your choice. Gamers like playing a game that allows them to change things to their liking. With Minecraft color codes gamers can enjoy a customized gaming experience, that shows much of their personality. While this customization does not give any evident advantage to the players, it can upgrade a gamer’s Minecraft experience according to the user’s liking. When gamers have the colors and formats of their choice, they are more likely to enjoy the game to a greater extent.


Minecraft is a popular game the keeps on growing and evolving with time. The developers of the game keep adding new upgrades to the game, keeping the interest of the gamers intact. With Minecraft color codes, players can step up their gaming with a new twist of colors. Using color codes players can switch from using simple old blocks of wood to new and stylish ones using in Minecraft. While these colors and formatting codes do not give any advantage to players, it enhances the look of the game and maintains their interest. With a variety of colors, players can enjoy more amazing interfaces with excellent color codes and 3D graphics.


Minecraft text colors can be changed with the section sign and then a hex digit. This digit is the digit of the color code. There are digits assigned for each color. For example, the digit 0 represents a black color. 

There may be a problem with the game. So, you can quit the game and then restart Minecraft so it can pick the new privacy settings. If your parent or guardian changed the settings, there may not be a solution for it.

If you want to color your name, use the formatting code <color-code> in the nickname. It is possible to have more than a single color in your name. 

All the color codes are mentioned in the color code chart. You can search the chart to find the color code of the pink color in Minecraft. 

Minecraft has two-player options. Players are permitted to join public or private games as they like. Players can interact and speak with others, whether strangers or friends.