What Is A Good Words Per Minute Typing Score?

Words Per Minute Typing Score

Have you ever wondered what your typing speed is? How many words can you type in a minute? What is a good words per minute typing score? What can you do to improve your typing speed? If these thoughts have ever crossed your mind, you’ve found yourself at the right place. Let’s find out more about typing speed, why it matters, what is the average typing speed, and what is a good typing speed. 

Why Does Your Typing Speed Matter?

Your typing speed is important because if you have an upcoming deadline for work, you surely will need to end your work quickly. Let’s say you have a 1500-word paper to write, and it’s already late. You may just have less than an hour to get your work done. While your search does matter, a good typing speed can help you achieve your task quickly. If your WPM, word per minute speed is 50, you’re likely to be done within half an hour. 

Learning fast typing can then save your precious hours and make you more efficient.  As a student, you will save time and effort, as an employee, you will get better at work. The faster you type, the faster you are able to convey your message across and communicate with others. With a fast typing speed, you are also able to spare yourself a few extra minutes. 

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What’s The Average Typing Speed?

An average person has a typing speed that ranges between 38 to 40 words per minute, WPM. This translates to around 190 to 200 CPM, characters per minute. 

What’s a Good Word Per Second Typing Speed?

The most important question, however, remains. What counts as a good typing speed? What should be the target WPM? Any speed that is above the average words per minute speed will be considered as good. This is, however, variable. If you are a student, a good typing speed will be above 35 words per minute. But if you want to become a good programmer or typist, your good words per minute should be higher. Words per minute speed above 60 will be good in this case. So, on average it can be said that an average speed of 50 to 60 WPM is, hence a good speed. You can improve your typing speed by doing practice online.

What Is The Fastest Typing Speed?

The highest words per minute speed that was ever recorded were 216 WPM that was achieved by Stella Pajunas in 1946 with an electric IBM typewriter. 


An average typing speed is between 38 to 40 words per minute, but why stick with the average when you can practice going beyond that? If you want to achieve a good word per minute, there can be no better way than being consistent with your practice. The more you practice, the better you get! While you focus on your typing speed, make sure not to forget the accuracy. You need to be accurate in typing apart from just having a fast typing speed.