How to Get the Fastest CPS with Auto Clicker

Get the Fastest CPS With an Auto Clicker

The CPS rate (Clicks per Second), is the number of clicks you make in a second. A high CPS rate indicates a fast click speed. Many tasks, especially shooting games, require a very fast click speed to win. The best online gamers are those who can manage brilliant click speeds. Interestingly, there even exists a world record for the fastest click speed; 15 CPS.

Most gamers enhance their click speed by practicing repetitive clicking on different click speed tests. However, if you don’t have the time or dedication to practice to improve your clicking speed, there is another solution – an auto clicker. With an auto clicker, you can achieve excellent click speed for your different tasks.

How can Auto Clickers Increase Click Speed?

Auto clickers are tools that relieve you of repetitive clicking tasks or tasks that require high click speed and automate the clicking process. You can enter single keys or multiple key sequences that the program will automate for you.

When configuring the settings, you get to choose the click speed. This setting shows the time interval between clicks. The smaller the time interval you set, the faster will be the click speed. The clicks that the software will automate will be at the assigned click speed. To get the fastest click speed, some auto clickers allow users to set the time interval to zero. One such tool is the speed auto clicker. There are many programs that you will find online but the Speed auto clicker is the fastest auto clicker. The next time you want to achieve high performance in online gaming or to complete your tasks in minimum time; use an auto clicker.

How to Use Auto Clickers to Get the Fastest Click Speed

Once you have decided to achieve high click speed by using an auto clicker, the first thing to do is to find the right tool for you. You can look up numerous auto clickers online. Some of the best auto clickers with maximum features are op auto clicker 3.0, murgee auto clicker, dwell auto clicker etc. Such auto clickers can be easily downloaded  to your device. Once you have the tool you need, follow the steps below to get the fastest clicking speed:

  • Configure the settings as per your requirement. You can change the mouse or keyboard key that you want to automate, select the type of clicks (single or double), change the click speed (by altering the time delay between clicks), select the hotkey (the key that will start and stop the automatic clicking process), etc.
  • Once you have configured the settings, let the software run in the background and open the program in which you want to use the auto clicker. This can be any game or an excel sheet you want to work on.
  • When the auto clicker is running in the background, you can start and stop the automatic clicking by using the hotkey you assigned.

How can I Measure my Click Speed?

To see how fast you can click on your own, or to test the click speed of the auto clicker, you can use a click speed test. When using such a program, you have to click as fast as you can or start the automatic clicking by the auto clicker. Most click speed tests let you click for one minute and then calculate the number of clicks in one second.

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