How To Use Minecraft Text Color Codes?

How To Use minecraft text color codes

If you haven’t played Minecraft before, it will be of interest for you to know that this game allows the users to create a world where they can make anything and everything that they like. Players can play around with the different gaming rules and enjoy their game to the fullest.

When it comes to playing Minecraft, customization of the game plays a central role in one’s gaming experience. We are sure every Minecraft player will agree on the importance of customization. Many players like to play around with the colors and format even though the game seems pretty good in its originality.

What are Minecraft Color Codes?

Minecraft text color codes are one of the ways that players can customize their game by changing the colors and format of the game’s textual elements. These color codes are used to allot different colors to the playing teams, change the dyed leather armor color, and the in-text game colors.

Process to Use Minecraft Text Color Codes

The process of using Minecraft text color codes is simple if you have an idea of how the codes are assigned. There are hex digits, each of which is a color code, and every digit will have an assigned color as well. To change the color text in Minecraft, you have to add the (§), which is the section sign, and then right the hex digit. As mentioned earlier, this is the color code. For example, “§5” represents the dark purple color. The color codes are mentioned in the color code table/list, and you can use that to change the color codes of the game texts. Here is how to use the color codes in Minecraft:

Step 1: Check the chat code column and choose the color code that you want to apply.

Step 2: Next, use the section sign and then follow it by the color code before writing in the chat.

Step 3: Once you have added the section sign and the color code write the message that you want to type. Your message color will be changed to the color you had set.

Why do Users Prefer Minecraft Color Codes?

Minecraft color codes are a great way to update and customize your game with the colors and format of your choice. Gamers like playing a game that allows them to change things to their liking. With Minecraft color codes gamers can enjoy a customized gaming experience, that shows much of their personality. While this customization does not give any evident advantage to the players, it can upgrade a gamer’s Minecraft experience according to the user’s liking. When gamers have the colors and formats of their choice, they are more likely to enjoy the game to a greater extent.

Final Verdict

We can surely say that Minecraft color codes ramp up the gaming experience for gamers making it one that they can enjoy to the fullest. Learning how to use these color codes is simple, and any gamer who wants to get an amazing Minecraft gaming experience should surely go for it!


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You can't really change the color of grass in Minecraft. The Minecraft grass color is based on the biome. Some of the portion is bright green and some of it is fairly green.

Yes, Minecraft color codes give an exciting look to your game. You enjoy it a lot. 

You can use hex codes to make color modifications in to signs, messages of chats, titles and much more.