Are Clicks Per Second Counters Accurate?

Are Clicks Per Second Counters Accurate

While spending a busy life there arises a need for something such as any game that may relax your mind along with improving your performance and you feel pleasant whenever you play it. The mouse clicking games are also one of those games that provide pleasure and is also helpful for enhancing the clicking power of the hand from the mouse.

First, this practice was limited only to the CPS games via mouse or clicking the tablet screen. But many clicks per second counters have come into the market. You can use these clicks per second counter to figure out your mouse clicking speed. The online click per second counter is used to check the hitting power of the fingers that how much the user can make hits by clicking on the screen with the mouse. But it is questionable that are the clicks per second counters accurate or not?

Working Of Click Per Second Counter

Usually, the click per second counter has a starting button or start clicking option. By pressing it, the counter starts. And you have to click as fast as you can. It will count your number of clicks in the given time and when the times runs out, the results will be displayed on the screen in terms of how many clicks you made and what’s your average CPS. You can reset the clicks to zero by pressing the reset button and take the tast again to practice.

How To Test The Accuracy Of Click Per Second Counter?

Usually, click per second counters give accurate results. The accuracy of the click per second counter depends upon the percentage of the times you click the button to generate a click. This percentage tells you how much accurate your click counter is. You can perform different clicking tests also to check the accuracy of your click per the second test.


To check the accuracy of your counter, you also need to press the clicking button with full power. It is better to check accuracy at a minimum time limit, such as 5 seconds or 10 seconds. You can also check the accuracy by performing the test at the same time limit with at least 3 reading and then compare the percentage of these three clicks per second scores. If all scores have nearly similar % age, then it will tell you that your counter is more accurate. During checking, manual mistakes also require consideration.

Benefits Of Checking The Accuracy Of The CPS Counter

The accuracy of the click counter matters a lot. By checking the accuracy, you will be able to select the more accurate mouse. It will help you in clicking faster and accurately. The accurate click counter will work with good efficiency at a lower cost. Accuracy minimizes the chance of error. It will keep you away from the frustration of resetting the device or click the counter while practicing for the best. It is annoying to reset the button after making many hits due to an error. The click per second counter with less than 10% error is usually considered more accurate.